SMI Radio Ep. 27 On Demand: NBC’s “The Voice” Jared Blake

This past  Thursday at 7:30 at Louie G’s Pizzaria, NWCZ  Radio presented: Jared Blake, Rane Stone, Jason Kertson and Dudley Taft

Jason Kertson started off the night with a great acoustic set. This was followed by Rane Stone of Klover Jane” & “Jar of Flies.” He performed a moving and haunting acoustic set. Dudley Taft played one of his last shows in the Northwest. Headlining the night was Jared Blake who was recently on the hit NBC show “The Voice.”  He performed a brilliant acoustic set with many numbers from his current catalogue. He also entertained the crowd with some humorous stories about his amazing journey through his life as a professional musician.

Prior to their show I had the opportunity to speak with rocker Jared Blake who competed on NBC’s “The Voice” Jared is up in the Northwest to play a live show in Tacoma, Thursday, July 21st. I spoke with Blake about his performance on “The Voice” and what is next for this talented artist.

This episode also features selected cuts from Blake. Also, on the show is Northwest Music Scene’s Glen Casebeer. He spoke about the NWCZ music event and the artists that participated. I will have backstage interviews with Rane Stone and Dudley Taft from that show coming up on a future episode of SMI Radio on NWCZ.

To listen to the episode or download click on the player below…

Northwest Music Scene  broadcast the event live. You can hear the broadcast right here.


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