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The BGP’s new video, Hot Bodies, Cody Beebe, Ben Union and more…

Due to serious personal family health issue, there was no new SMI Radio broadcast this week on NWCZ Radio. The station replayed the Hot Bodies In Motion Interview that aired this past August. The band is headlining a big show tonight at Neumos with Cody Beebe & The Crooks and Ben Union. 

The show coincides with the theatrical release of the motion picture, Abduction which will hit theaters today. The band’s music is featured on the soundtrack. 

The boys were gathered around their lap top as I spoke with them via Skype and we talked about their influences, inspirations, recording process, upcoming shows and a lot more. If you like good music played with passion and soul you will enjoy the interview as well as some featured cuts off of their release, “Old Habits.”

You can listen tonight at 6:00pm or download to your mobile device by clicking on the player below…

Also, you may be interested in my interview with Cody Beebe and The Crooks that took place backstage at The Hard Rock back in February…

SMI Featured Artist: Cody Beebe & The Crooks (SMI Radio Interview)

In addition I interviewed the band after they came off stage after an amazing set at The Emerald Queen Taste of Tacoma back in June…

SMI Radio on NWCZ: EQC Taste of Tacoma Special

The BGP released a brand new single and video yesterday, to read more about it and see the new video, I invite you to read the piece that I wrote on earlier today.

Seattle’s The BGP of America’s Got Talent releases video for new single

Also, check out my interview with them by clicking on the player below or downloading to your mobile device…


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