Stick Men and Adrian Belew Power Trio… My mind is officially blown

Photo: Jerry & Lois Levin /

What do you get when you take two world class artists that have played and toured with some of the biggest names in the business, add in some other world class musicians and throw it in the pot? You get a mind blowing concoction. For a hack, I think I do a pretty good job writing reviews but the Stickmen / Adrian Belew Power Trio show is beyond my capability. It is hard to write a review with a blown mind. That said, I did what I could.

I hope you enjoy my feeble attempt on 

Speaking of mind blowing… If you would like to see what you may or may not have missed, check out the stunning photo work of  world class photo artists, Jerry & Lois Levin. Their photo slide show helps tell the story and believe me… I needed the help!

My post show re-cap is in the below link…

Tony Levin + Adrian Belew = Wow Factor (Photo Slide Show)

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