SMI Radio Ep. 44 On Demand: Kate Lynne Logan / Ian McFeron

On SMI Radio I feature interviews and music from two amazing Northwest artists who’s music is soulful and close to the bone.

Kate Lynne Logan is an emerging artist who has managed to channel the vocal stylings of Patsy Kline, Stevie Nicks, Paula Cole and more. Her music is intimate, honest and will take you on journey through Americana. Born in Portland, OR and raised in the Pacific Northwest, the native singer’s delicate voice and tasteful, percussive guitar-playing further blur the lines between contemporary-folk, pop and alt-country.

She had some show a show on Thursday, January 5th at Columbia City Theater and the following night on January 6th at The Hardrock Cafe in Seattle.

Ian McFeron is no stranger to Pacific Northwest music lovers. He is an artist whose lyrical prose has been compared to Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and David Gray, weaves together a variety of roots-Americana styles to create his own unique blend of roots-oriented American music.

Ian had a show coming up New Year’s Eve at High Dive in Seattle.

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