Panama Gold photos from the Crocodile on: 4/6/12

All Photos: Alina Shanin

By Alina Shanin

Seattle’s Panama Gold opened for Dirty Ghosts at The Crocodile Friday night, March 6, Their indie rhythm rock band entertain the few folks that did come to see them up out of their seats to dance. Below are photos from this past Saturday night’s show.

About Panama Gold

Panama Gold formed in 2009 and has undergone a few artistic changes over the past few months to bring a new feel and new material to the scene. The five-piece project includes Damien Goyenechea on vocals, Jeremy Archer on bass, Nick Werts and Robbie Luna both on guitar, and Brian Coyne on drums.

The band is working on a new EP set to release early this summer and is gearing up for a two-week Northwest tour this June. “We just want to keep playing live. That’s what we have the most fun doing,” Goyenechea said. “We just want to make music.”

Even though it was a little hard to judge the vibe based on the smaller crowd at the venue, Goyenechea said he enjoyed himself on stage and was grateful to have access to such a great PA system as well as the opportunity to play with Dirty Ghosts and Branden Daniel and the Chics. 

Goyenechea made it clear that Panama Gold is a tight group and the members are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dream of getting on the road and staying on the road. He said the band takes what they do very seriously and have dedicated a lot of time to the group, dropping other projects and making sacrifices in general.

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