Fly Moon Royalty takes Sasquatch to space (Photos)

Miss Adra Boo and “The Fly Girls” (All Photos: Greg Roth)

Fly Moon Royalty, could be described as a hip-hop, new wave, funk and pop music outfit. The group incorporates many of those elements into their songs.  This makes for a refreshing and original sonic culture clash.

DJ / Producer / Emcee Action Jackson lays down some solid, cool samples and some tasty keyboard and electric piano, creating a solid foundation for Miss Adra Boo to flex her vocal muscles and showcase her smooth style.

FMR, put on a fun filled show on The Maine Street Stage, complimented by their own Fly Girl dancers. Some of the highlights were their performance of “Android Love,” “Lemonade” and the ever funky, Stevie Wonderesque “Betty’s Kitchen,” (Check out Stevie’s Maybe You Baby from “Talking Book” ) which always seems to get crowd going.

Between Miss Adraboo’s soulful delivery, Action Jackson’s beats, as well as stepping out from behind the keys to rap, as well as the groovy moves of backup dancers… Fly Moon Royalty delivered solid sound in your ear hole wrapped in a highly entertaining package.

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