Afraid of Figs keep fans “Safe” with new disc (video)

By Timmy Held

Afraid of Figs is a high-energy, fun-loving rock band known for their kinetic shows charged with frequent costume changes, a plethora of props, and top-tier musicianship. Although it accurately expressed the Figs’ ability to write great songs, their first full-length release, I Ate a Vegan, failed to capture the energy of their live shows.

Enter Safe, the most recent effort from this Seattle-based, sometimes nerdy, but always rockin’ quintet. The opening track To Do manages to capture the voltage of a live Fig performance. Delivering a swirling wave of sonic exaltation upon the listener’s organ of Corti, it is an excellent introduction to the album and who Afraid of Figs really is as a band.

In fact, this whole album is a perfect introduction. Balancing between humor and sincerity, the lyrical content rests flawlessly on a bed of well-rounded musicianship and wonderfully executed songwriting.

I recommend this album for those who like The Presidents of the United States of America, Bare Naked Ladies, and They Might Be Giants.

Highlights include “To Do,” “Safe, Your Salvation,” and “Hitchhiking To The Moon.”

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