New Music Preview: Daydream Vacation – ‘Dare Seize The Fire’ (Video)

By Timmy Held

Daydream Vacation is somewhat of a Seattle supergroup. Consisting of singer, guitarist, keyboardist, and producer Dave Einmo (Head Like a Kite), vocalist Asy de Saavedra (Smoosh) and drummer Nat Damm (Akimbo and Sandrider) – DDV releases into the ether an expansive concoction of popular music elements.

Much like the previous releases from HLAK, Dare Seize The Fire is masterfully produced and is a prime example of the perfect summer record. The production value is matched only by Einmo’s ability to borrow from a plethoric pool of musical styles while keeping the body of work centralized around a pop theme. Damm’s persistent driving grooves, accompanied by Asy’s velvety vocal timbre and ear-catching melodies, are the cherry on top of this delicious album that will remind you of Summer 2012 forever.

Notable Tracks: Dare Seize The Fire, Clever’s Not My Best Excuse, Feeling That I’m Floating

Make sure to catch DDV’s CD release party at The Crocodile, Saturday, June 23rd.

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