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Giving thanks to Seattle Living Room Shows & Melodic Caring Project (Photo Slideshow)

Eternal Fair at Seattle Living Room and Melodic Caring Project show (All Photos by Greg Roth)

Seattle Living Room Shows & Melodic Caring Project: Daniel Blue, Hannalee and Eternal Fair @ secret location on 11/17/12

The day before Thanksgiving offers the opportunity to reflect and give thanks for what we have, as opposed to what we covet. We are certainly thankful for all the great music and artists in the Northwest. We have said it many times before: music has the ability to do great things beyond just providing entertainment or being a diversion from life’s struggles. It has the ability to inspire, heal, and transform the human spirit. Thus, we are grateful to cover The Seattle Living Room Shows and Melodic Caring Project concerts, because not only do the shows nourish our souls, the music is streamed live to provide joy and comfort to children in hospitals.

Seattle Living Room shows can always be counted on to deliver some of the best music entertainment in the Northwest and beyond. Kristen and Carrie Watt’s ability to package talented artists that compliment each other is impeccable. The product they put out every month is of consistently high quality. Last Saturday night was no exception.

Daniel Blue (Motopony), Hannalee, and Eternal Fair played their hearts out for the live audience and Keaton, Luke, Matthew, Melissa, and Izzy. These five are battling some serious stuff, but the brilliant music provided was a nice respite. Prior to kicking off the show, Levi Ware came out from behind the control console to talk about Melodic Caring project and give a shout out to the children. SLS’s Kristen Watt served as the concert MC.

First up was Motopony’s Daniel Blue. Blue’s Jeff Buckley-inspired vocal stylings were chilling. Blue is a performer who immerses his entire being into his performance. On of the highlights of his set was a stirring rendition of the Leonard Cohen classic, Hallelujah. He was accompanied by the members of Hannalee. The 3-part harmony, coupled with Blue’s soaring tenor, was a stunning vocal display, making the hair on one’s arm stand on end. Blue was also joined on stage by Anna-Lynne Williams (Lotte Kestner.) Together they performed an exquisite version of Wait for Me, which can be found on Motopony’s LP.

The art of  3 to 4-part vocal harmony seems to have been lost in contrast to the newer music that bombards the airwaves today – favoring studio and technological wizardry over chops. Hannalee’s performance reminded fans of the great vocal groups such as Crosby, Stills and Nash; Simon and Garfunkel; Seals and Crofts and The Beach Boys, just to name a few. Michael Harley, Anna-Lisa Notter and Fidelia Rowe’s musical chemistry was apparent throughout their set. Their tight and beautiful harmonies took the audience on sonic journey through the cosmos. Hannalee also brings a certain element of fun and humor to their music and performance. Notter and Rowe broke out their dueling kazoo’s on one number, while Harley played a flugelhorn on another.

The third act of the evening was an uptempo and funky performance from Eternal Fair. Front-man Andrew Vait is no stranger to Seattle Living Room Shows. He recently performed at the SLS this past September. With upright bassist / vocalist Chris Jones and Daniel Nash on drums and vocals, the power trio creates a powerful sound with some tight 3-part harmonies of their own. A musical highlight was a spirited arrangement of the infectious Toto 80’s hit, Africa.

Eternal Fair recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance their new record. To find out more about it or to donate, go here.

The evening was capped off with all artists joined by Levi Ware to perform what has become the unofficial Melodic Caring theme song – a rousing version of the Ware-penned number, Hey Hey, for the internet viewing audience. (The Wares are hoping to record a studio version of the song, with proceeds going to Melodic Caring Project.) It was another stellar evening with three great artists on one bill, playing in an intimate environment for a special audience of brave and inspiring rockstars! (See photo slideshow below.)

The next Seattle Living Room / Melodic Caring Project show is coming up Saturday, 12/8 featuring Cody Beebe and The Crooks and Massy Ferguson. If you want to get on the list contact

If missed the performance, you will be able to stream some of the highlights soon via UStream and Melodic Caring Project.
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MCP has a special holiday Giving Campaign going on now in an effort to raise money to bring more concerts to kids/teens battling serious illness. You can give the gift of Music and be entered to win a brand new ukulele played and signed by Jason Mraz. The more you give the more you get….etc. All the details are on our website at: (Photo by Greg Roth)

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