SMI Radio Ep. 81 On Demand: Zarni & Andrea Desmond

Featured on this week’s episode of SMI Radio are two extremely talented pianist and singer / songwriters, Zarni De Wet and Andrea Desmond. Both of these lovely ladies relocated to the Northwest within the last year and are both making a splash with solid vocal and piano chops coupled with catchy songs.

Serendipity came into play with these two artists.  When I  met Andrea, I didn’t realize she was in the process of booking a February gig with Zarni. Zarni had e-mailed me a few days prior to let me know that she also played with Campfire Ok, who I would see a few days later at an upcoming Seattle Living Room / Melodic Caring Show.


It was no accident that this all came together in a neat little package, so it only made sense to have both artists on the same episode of SMI Radio.

In the first half of the show, Zarni talks about her music and her move to Seattle because of the fertile music scene. She shares a tale of her meeting with John Mayer, while attending Berklee College of Music. Zarni is ambitious as she is talented, and you’ll soon find out why.

For the second half of the show, we take you inside  Vitrolla Coffee in Capitol Hill for a friendly conversation with Andrea and her band’s drummer, William, for their take on music, their influences, and the recording process. You may remember that Andrea  came in second at The Seattle Wave Radio Jammin’ Challenge last December.


Zarni and Andrea will share the stage Saturday, February 2nd at The Copper Gate. 

Read more about Zarni by visiting and purchase her most recent release, “Straight Forward” on iTunes.

Find out more about  Andrea at and purchase her newest EP, “Milk and Rain” on iTunes. 

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