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Seattle Living Room Shows & Melodic Caring Project throw pajama party (Photo Slideshow)


Damien Jurado shows solidarity (Photo: Greg Roth)

Seattle Living Room Shows & Melodic Caring Project: Naomi Wachira & Damien Jurado on Friday, January 25 @ secret location

Seattle Living Room Shows, in partnership with Melodic Caring Project, delivered another stellar show featuring Naomi Wachira and Damien Jurado. The event was streamed live via UStream to Rockstars Caden, Zach, Erin, Cassidy, and Ella, who watched the sold out show from their hospital beds.

Naomi Wachira, backed by the tandem of singer / songwriters Whitney Monge’ and Katie Costello (Pretty Broken Things), delivered a heartfelt performance from her most recent EP, African Girl. Wachira is an artist whose songs illustrate the courage and struggles of a woman who has overcome adversity with her self-respect and dignity intact. Monge’ and Costello provided a beautiful background vocal blend for Wachira’s styling and colorful phrasing.

Wachira, who is also a mother, became choked up when she spoke to the audience about what playing her music to children in the hospital meant to her. Perhaps another reason for the tears was the fact that the next morning she would be jumping on a plane to Keyna for a two-week reunion with her daughter and the rest of her family, whom she has not seen since last March.


MCP’s Levi Ware displays photo of Rockstar Caden
(Photo: Greg Roth)

Next up was Damien Jurado. Jurado’s songwriting and delivery often draw comparisons to artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young. His haunting, yet hopeful songs, combined with compelling performances have helped him win over legions of fans.

On Friday, January 25th, Jurado delivered the goods with a beautiful and soul-baring set laced with dry wit.

In what may have been a first, Jurado endeared himself to the audience by stripping down to his long johns mid-set. This was not the result of a wardrobe malfunction – quite  the contrary. Since the special audience watching the stream were in their pajamas and socks, the troubadour felt it only fitting that he should be in his PJs as well, as a sign of solidarity.

Like Wachira, Jurado also became visibly emotional when talking about performing for the young audience. The fact that Jurado himself is a parent,with a 12-year-old son and 4-month-old son, made the moment resonate even more.

These streamed intimate performances are always profound, and tend to illicit deep emotional responses. This fact was certainly reflected in Wachira and Jurado’s performances.

Some of the parents and Rockstars interacted real-time with MCP via the social stream throughout the show….

Thank You MCP, Seattle Living Room Shows and all the musicians!!!! Caden had another awesome evening!!!

Kosher-Love Lopes is watching with her Dad and Mum tonight and we want to say – Thank you.

This is fantastic, watching this in my boxer shorts for you wonderful people.

Thank you all for this great opportunity!!! All these RockSTARS inspire us Can’t wait to see you all again!

Closing Thoughts…

WIth two great shows already in the books for Seattle Living Room and Melodic Caring Project, the year is off to a great start. Naomi Wachira and Damien Jurado are to be lauded for not only wonderful performances, but for the generosity of their time, talent, and spirit.

The joy that their music brought to the faces of the children and their families was more powerful beyond the words of this piece.

These shows are made possible as a result of  the tireless efforts of Carrie & Kristen Watt and Stephanie & Levi Ware, who partner together and pour their heart and souls into making these special shows a reality. It is their drive and passion, along with great artistry and an appreciative audience which made for another wonderful evening of love and music!

See Photo Slideshow Below…

You can see another write up from the show from our friend, Steven Graham at 

If you missed the show, you can watch replays of the concerts and video interviews with the artists here. 

If you would like to get on the list to attend a Seattle Living Room Show, visit

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