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Spending two nights together with Grouplove (Photos)


You read that right.  Grouplove kicked off their new tour to celebrate their new CD “Spreading Rumours” (release date 9/17) Monday night at The Crocodile with a no holds barred, crazy, screaming, hard core rock show.  The very next nigt, they showed a completely different side with a stripped down, acoustic, completely controlled, and equally amazing show at The Triple Door.

Their official tour starts Wednesday Sept 11 in Portland.  Two nights.  In eight cities across the country.  To those lucky to see one of these shows, they will be treated to a completely unique experience.  Word is, those attending both nights will get to hear all the songs from the new album mixed in with their current favorites.  And since there are some shows before the official release of the new cd, those in attendance can get their own copy before the mad rush of the general public!

So, while I’ve been sitting here writing this, I’ve been listening to the new album.  It’s quite good.  It’s all you expect from Grouplove:  Beautiful keyboard melodies and vocals courtesy Hannah Hooper.  (Who can just blow you over with her voice control!)  Ryan Rabin rocking the drums with mad skills.  Sean Gadd on Bass guitar can leave you spell bound or head thrashing, too.  Add to that Andrew Wessen’s guitar, which takes it up another notch.  Completing the full Grouplove experience is Christian Zucconi’s vocals and guitar.  You can’t help but be moved… usually by dancing with the occasional head thrash.

So, if you’re into Grouplove, (no pun intended) you will doubly LOVE their new stuff.  It’s all you expect and so much more.

**And check out the opening band, The Rubens!!!!  HOLY COW!  There could not have been a more perfect band to warm the crowd at the Crocodile than these amazing Aussies.  These boys from down under completely had everyone hot and ready for Grouplove.  (again, no pun intended)  Their new record released to the US on Sept 11th.  I can’t wait to see these guys again. They were very easy on the eyes and completely rocked my ears.

Coming soon on SMI Radio, Greg Roth speaks with Grouplove’s Christian Zucconi. Stay tuned!


  1. I’m with You
  2. Borderlines
  3. Lovely Cup
  4. Schoolboy
  5. Itchin’ on a photograph
  6. naked Kids
  7. Spun
  8. Raspberry
  9. Ways to Go
  10. Hippy Hill
  11. Bullet (Bitin’ the Bullet)
  12. Slow
  13. Tongue Tied
  14. What I know
  15. Colours
Arlene Brown is both a writer and photographer for SMI. She likes to take things one picture at a time. Covering and reviewing shows from Soundgarden, The Proclaimers, Lorde, The Head & The Heart, to Hank3, Bob Log III, New Politics, Black Joe Lewis, Grouplove, including local and national rising bands and more, she truly loves to try to get that perfect shot. Looking for that raw emotion, energy, power that only live music can deliver, she captures the essence of a show in her own unique style.
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