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Bosnian Rainbows deliver colorful performance at The Crocodile (Photos)

Bosnian Rainbows @ The Crocodile

Terri Gender Bender of Bosnian Rainbows (Photo by Alex Crick)

Described by SMI and KNND contributor Mat Hayward as “delightfully weird”, Bosnian Rainbows featuring Teri Gender Bender (formerly of Les Butcherettes) and Omar Rodriguez Lopez (formerly of The Mars Volta), came back to town to deliver an intense and musically provocative performance at Seattle’s Crocodile this past Tuesday (9/17).

Terri Gender Bender’s strange stage antics and dark vocal styling juxtaposed by the band’s brilliant chops make for and engaging show. She moves around the stage as if she is possessed by dark forces, while conducting a self-exorcism. She is entertaining, enchanting and disturbing at the same time. You simply can’t look away. Moreover, the band’s complex musical arrangements and textures provide plenty of ear-candy.

Opening for Bosnian Rainbows was My Goodness, who provided the perfect compliment with their hard driving “in your face” sound.


Alex Crick is a Seattle based freelance photographer specializing in music photography. His interest in photography began as a school project in the early-90′s, when he also attended many live music shows. Eventually, he combined these two interests by conveying the power and excitement of live music through the eye of the camera. Over the years, he’s traveled all over the country photographing live musical acts. You can find samples of his work in SPIN, Billboard, Esquire. View his work here
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