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The Fray Heats up Marymoor’s Summer Concert Series

The Fray at Marymoor Park (Photo by Mocha Charlie)

The Fray at Marymoor Park (Photo by Mocha Charlie)

Marymoor Park in Redmond may be my new favorite spot to catch a concert. With first-class sound and a a lush green ampitheater, this summertime venue boasts a festive environment and some of the area’s top concerts – like last Tuesday’s show featuring The Fray, Barcelona, and Oh Honey.

First up was Oh Honey, a band that entered the national spotlight when their song “Be Okay” was featured on Fox’s Glee. This band’s optimistic attitude is reflected in their tunes, and they are as fun to listen to as they are to watch. Though they may be a little too “poppy” for my taste, their energy was magnetic and I wouldn’t mind catching them next time they swing through town.

Seattle’s own Barcelona took the stage next. This band’s star continues to rise as they join the Fray on their summer tour. Their music is full of synth sounds and rhythms, blending with seamless, chill-inducing vocal harmonies.. Lead singer Brian Fennell‘s voice is soothing and resonating. I could listen to it for hours – and I have . . .

Performing songs spanning the length of their ten-year career, headliners The Fray put on a high-energy show that evoked joy and tears, sometimes simultaneously.  Lead singer Isaac Slade was a hoot to watch as he bounded across the stage, strumming guitar on one song before bounding over to the piano to play one of their oh-so-recognizable piano riffs. One such riff from “You Found Me” had the audience screaming in recognition after the first two notes.

About halfway through their set, about 10 beach balls were released into the audience in one of the most successful attempts to get people off their phones I’ve ever seen. It worked for about five seconds, which is probably a record. Despite giant beach balls being hurled at them by people with bad aim (or, good aim?), the band played an incredible show. They ended with an encore which included another one of their earlier hits (and tear-jerker) “Never Say Never.” It was an incredible evening of music that was magnified by the scenic venue of Marymoor Park.

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