Planes On Paper: Tractor: Thursday

Planes On Paper (Photo: Christine Mitchell)

Planes On Paper (Photo: Christine Mitchell)

Just a year and change after bringing their dark, multi-layered take on folk music to The Rendezvous (a gorgeous space in its own right, yet oh, so tiny), Planes On Paper are set to fill The Tractor Tavern on Thursday night. After a year that included playing various festivals, dates on the East Coast, and even performing on television, the band is ready to share its music with a larger crowd. SMI contributor Christine Mitchell chatted with Navid Eliot, who sings and plays guitar in the band.

On the different Seattle venues they’ve played over the past year:

The Rendezvous, Columbia City Theater, and The Tractor are all pretty amazing in different ways I think. I enjoy the idea that maybe more people want to see us play now than a year ago, and that’s why we’re in a bigger room. But really it’s more about the people than the room itself. That being said, we’re grateful that the folks that book and promote all the venues we’ve played in Seattle have all wanted to have us.

Planes On Paper Tour Poster by Tiffany Patterson.

Planes On Paper Tour Poster by Tiffany Patterson.

On touring the East Coast:

The East Coast was amazing. We were made to feel VERY welcome. Did you know that people listen to KEXP everywhere? THEY DO. Pittsburgh is an amazingly friendly town, and there are enough Seattle transplants living in NYC, that that town was pretty amazing too. We played 17 shows in like 20 days, so it’s hard to give you a proper summary, you know? But we made some amazing friends in Portland, ME and Boston, and Newburyport, MA. (We) got to play a couple shows with Christopher Paul Stelling, who I’m working on playing shows with over here soon! We saw Amish country too! And ate SEVERAL Philly cheese steaks.

On their tour poster designer:

Our poster designer is Tiffany Patterson from Spokane. We love her work so much, and she’s on Instagram @cursewordsandbirds. She did the poster for our last San Francisco show, our East Coast tour, and this show.

On what the future holds and their experience at Gentlemen of the Road in Walla Walla:

This is our last Seattle show, at least until November. We’re playing the next weekend in Spokane and Walla Walla, and then we get to work on our first full length record. Speaking of Walla Walla, Gentlemen of the Road was NUTS. We had a full city block full of peeps. Festival (officials) estimated that maybe 2500+ (were packed into the block in front of the stage).
And we hung out for the whole weekend, and watched the Flaming Lips from sidestage, and they are one of my favorite bands EVER.


Planes On Paper’s Band In Seattle performance will be aired on KSTW on September 12 at 11 p.m., and they share the episode with their good friends Mikey and Matty. Band In Seattle has released their recording of Planes On Paper’s “Zero Winter/Zero Summer” on YouTube for your viewing pleasure (see below).

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