My Morning Jacket At The Moore

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James blows away the sold out crowd at Seattle’s Moore Theatre. Photo by Xander Deccio

For those not familiar with the band, My Morning Jacket (MMJ), trying to explain what to expect during their live performances isn’t easy. An MMJ show is unpredictable. Frontman Jim James and company feed the audience aural-candy during a journey of sound that feels like time-traveling in a Tardis on a massive mind-trip.

MMJ¬†recently made a stop at Seattle’s historic Moore Theatre for two sold-out shows last weekend. Fans of all ages packed the small auditorium, crowding the aisle’s just to get a glimpse of the bad-ass himself, Jim James.

While it may seem that a show of this stature would be better at The Moore’s sister venue, The Paramount, the intimacy level of The Moore made it all the better, as fans could experience the acoustics that only a smaller venue could provide.

The band recently released its seventh album, the critically-acclaimed The Waterfall, after a two-year hiatus.


  1. The Dark
  2. Compound Fracture
  3. Spring (Among The Living)
  4. It Beats 4 U
  5. Wordless Chorus
  6. The Way That He Sings
  7. Nothing To It
  8. Big Decisions
  9. War Begun
  10. I Will Sing You Songs
  11. What a Wonderful Man
  12. Outta My System
  13. Hopefully
  14. Like A River
  15. Thin Line
  16. Tropics (Erase Traces)
  17. Dondante
  18. Phone Went West


  • Where to Begin
  • They Ran
  • Anytime
  • Mahgeetah

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