New Music Preview: The BGP – ‘Fort Knox’ EP

The BGP - Fort Knox

The BGP are a three-piece “blue-eyed soul” outfit based out of Tacoma, Washington. The trio have been together for a number of years, and in their time together they have released an EP and a handful of singles. It all started when they released their debut EP, titled¬†Love & Rent, in 2010. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the group has released their second¬†EP, titled¬†Fort Knox.

Fort Knox¬†opens with one of the best tracks on the EP, “VCR.” Front man Brandon Ghorley reminisces about his youth and the past. He references some old school devices which many ’90s kids will be familiar. He also utilizes some metaphors and similes to highlight that even though he’s young, he can’t help but feel a little old.¬†The next, and equally¬†enchanting¬†track is titled¬†“Uhmerica.”¬†They have stated¬†in the past¬†that they are from a blue collar working town, and some of the lyrics are influenced by¬†that¬†background. It’s a light-hearted love song with some of the catchiest lyrics on the EP.

The band is clearly influenced by¬†a variety of genres. Elements of jazz, funk and pop can be heard throughout each¬†song. All of the tracks have a solid bass line, but tracks like “Normal Things” and “Mocker”¬†incorporate¬†a¬†bass line reminiscent of old school funk jams. In “Fort Knox,” a piano and flutes are peppered throughout the melody.

While the EP is fairly upbeat, the closing track, “House Boats,” takes on a more serious tone. The song has a slower tempo, and the lyrics are acutely¬†self-reflective.¬†Overall, Fort Knox is a fun,¬†playful¬†effort. The band’s¬†clever lyricism quickly draws the listener in and doesn’t let go until the last note. Anyone who backed their campaign should be proud to be a part of a truly enjoyable project.¬†They¬†are as fun loving as they’ve ever been, but now their music comes with an unmistakable sense of maturity that only years of experience can bring.¬†It’s thoughtful, self-reflective and most important of all – entertaining.

Keep an eye out for an SMI exclusive premiere of the band’s music video for “Uhmerica” later this week!

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