Chic and Nile Rodgers Tear Down The Showbox


Chic at The Showbox (Photo: Xander Deccio)

Chic at The Showbox (Photo: Xander Deccio)

Legendary funk/disco group Chic tore up Seattle’s historic Showbox Theatre at a sold out performance last week. The band’s frontman, Nile Rodgers, brought his A-game, and it showed as Chic didn’t miss a step during their raucous performance. Rodgers has been busy in the past couple of years lending his talents to such acts as Daft Punk. Chic is also co-headlining a tour with 80s New Wave band Duran Duran, which made a stop at the Washington State Fair last year.

The band performed to a wild crowd, and fans clamored to see them perform some of their best-loved classics. Rodgers didn’t miss a beat when giving the crowd at The Showbox a disco dance party that was to remembered by all. How Chic or Rodgers are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is puzzling at best as both have a resume that outshines many of the current artists on the radio waves (the band was one of the last crop of nominees, but didn’t make the cut). Their hit “Le Freak,” however, was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame last year. They played a barrage of hits including songs Rodgers produced for artists such as Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, and even the late, great David Bowie.

Though Chic doesn’t boast the original lineup that they had in the late 70s, Rodgers and company still know how to put on a great show that fans of all ages will enjoy.

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