Seattle Living Room Shows Hosts Cozy Evening in Ballard

Tyler Edwards at Mighty-O Donuts Ballard

Tyler Edwards performs at Seattle Living Room Show (Photo: Jason Tang)

If one is jonesing for some good music on a Saturday night, there is no excuse not to find something that you dig throughout the Northwest. One can check out one of the many destination joints, like The Triple Door, or The Crocodile or Neumos. However, if you are looking for some great music in an intimate environment with a capital “I,” then look no further than Seattle Living Room Shows.

SLRS brought their thing to the very charming scene in Ballard. I am not talking about the very popular Tractor Tavern or Sunset Tavern music establishments, I am talking about the famous Mighty O’s Donut shop. A donut shop for a live concert? Hmm… sounds yummy and it was…the music and the donuts!

Hattiesburg, Mississippi’s very own Oh, Jeremiah kicked off the evening with an exquisitely beautiful set, one that silenced the room to the point where you could literally hear a pin drop. Jeremiah Stricklin, the namesake of the duo, and his wife, Erin Raber (who also plays violin), both possess incredibly strong individual vocal chops but the magic happens when their voices blend together on some of the more intimate numbers. The duo’s sound was augmented with sample loops and harmonies. At the end of Oh, Jeremiah’s set, it was clearly obvious to us that this is a couple that was born to play music together.

After a nice break and mingling session, Tyler Edwards hit the stage with his 3 piece band and wowed fans with his brand of country/roots rock. Edwards is a strong vocalist and instrumentalist with a lot of musical influences of many genres. Edwards’ band was tight and the songs beautifully arranged and performed.

Once again, Seattle Living Room Shows provided music lovers a wonderful evening of beautiful music performed in a unique and intimate setting.




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