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Looking For America With Switchfoot and Relient K

Switchfoot at Showbox SoDo (Photo: Sunny Martini)

Switchfoot at Showbox SoDo (Photo: Sunny Martini)

Clearly, plenty of people are still looking for the message from veteran alternative Christian rock bands Switchfoot and Relient K. The bands have been co-headlining the “Looking For America” Tour since fall 2016, and came through Seattle for a set at Showbox SoDo that was beyond sold out. Packed to the rafters, the fans came to experience an energizing pairing, and basically sang every song along with the bands.

Both of these bands have recently released albums, Relient K’s Air For Free, and Where the Light Shines Through on Switchfoot’s part. And each band played a solid set littered with fresh tracks off these works amongst longtime fan favorites. Amidst vibrant strobe lights, their hook-filled rock and roll came alive.

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