#WeRideWhy benefit with The Gods Themselves

WeRideWhy Fund Raiser @ Metier 3-25-17 (Photo By: Mocha Charlie)

#WeRideWhy Benefit at Metier (Photo by Mocha Charlie)

Métier was filled with emotion, determination, and rock ‘n’ roll on Saturday night as The Gods Themselves performed two sets at a benefit show. Put on by Seattle Secret Shows, the benefit was for Team #WeRideWhy, which is not only a group of cyclists taking on Obliteride to raise funds to cure cancer, but is also the name of a documentary project by SMI founder Greg Roth and SMI partner Jason Tang.

Métier was the perfect venue choice with its exposed ceiling beams and warm, woody ambiance paired with bicycles hung from the rafters. The charming space filled with folks blew in from the chilly outdoors to grab a beverage, chat, and purchase a few raffle tickets. After everyone had time to acclimate and relax, Roth took the opportunity to thank everyone for coming out and explain his very personal reasons as to why he is determined to raise funds for Fred Hutch. Emotions ran high as a video clip from the forthcoming documentary was shown that outlined the loss of Roth’s mother Judy to cancer when she was just 31 and Roth ten years old. It also told the stories of Jenny George and Ashley Berg, mothers who are currently battling the disease and were also present that night. Not a dry eye was left in the house. You can watch the video below:


After this powerful, moving moment, The Gods Themselves began to rock. The band had just come from a live session at KEXP and were firing on all cylinders. Guitarists and vocalists Astra Elane and Dustin Patterson traded guitar tones and singing duties as they hammered through a double set of retro, eighties-tinged material that also featured a cover of Ginuwine’s “Pony.” They’ve just recently released their third album, Be My Animal, and heads were bobbing along to new songs such as “So Hot” and “Tech Boys.” The Gods Themselves started off rather stoically, yet as the night went on they loosened up and started to let smiles loose and take advantage of floor space, rocking out with each other and jumping in place. Their performance was confident and sexy, and the room enjoyed it.

Did you miss this show? If you feel feel compelled to donate, you can download the Obliteride Mobile App and donate to Team #WeRideWhy directly. Also, you can make a donation or ride with Greg’s team for Obliteride 2107, taking place August 13Click Here.

You, too can help to ensure that mothers, fathers, and children never again have to deal with the ravages of cancer.

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