First Annual TitanFest Delivers the Goods


Motograter at TitanFest at Louie G’s (Photo by Mike Baltierra)

Stone Entertainment Group along with Louie G’s Pizza put on a superb all day rock extravaganza that was appropriately titled TitanFest. The rock and heavy metal festival showcased some of the best talent from around the Pacific Northwest, the highlights being the return of local favorites Bleed the Stone and Unhailoed, the wall of death during Jesus Wears Armani, live video shoot by Rest Repose, and featured national touring act Motograter.

The event went off without a hitch with all bands playing on time. The event coordinators and stage hands made sure that all the bands had a quick load in and tear down to keep everyone on schedule.

Some fans were on site from start to finish – a long ten hours! – and some only came to see their favorites, but in all, it was a great day of music!

SEG had billed this as the first annual. Let’s hope that they do indeed return and deliver another top notch event. Their main challenge is, with all of the great talent that performed at the inaugural event, how are they going to surpass this year’s event?

The bands who performed in order of appearance:
Voodoo Death Gun
Hammerz Down
Salem Knights
Heart Avail
Vial 8
Jesus Wears Aramani
Syztem 7

Bleed The Stone
The National Guard
Rest, Repose