Friday: Red Cross Benefit at Barboza

Actionesse at The Anchor Pub (Photo by Christine Mitchell)


‘Tis the giving season, and the excellent, unclassifiable Actionesse have teamed up with the pop-leaning, rocking Asterhouse and seventies tinged Temple Canyon to bring a show benefitting the Red Cross disaster relief fund to Barboza. It’s a no-brainer to head to this show; it’s one of those “one for me, one for you” gifts.

Red Cross Holiday Fundraiser

Courtesy of Miss Mandible Designs

This particular lineup sets up the premise of an explosive show, and the bands have promised a few surprises such as new songs from Actionesse, who are currently working hard on their first full length album. Their previous EPs, Mignon and Fortune, are absolutely fantastic and strange, as full of raging punk sensibility as they are demented horns. Actionesse’s energetic live show is not to be missed; they almost always bring special guests onstage from other bands, and it follows that this night will be no exception.

Asterhouse rocks in a completely different yet totally satisfying way. Drummer/frontman John Thornburg’s kit is always front and center, with guitarist Russ Thornburg and bassist Julio Posada flanking. John is extremely animated; he’s constantly multitasking between hitting the high notes, keeping the beat, and being the consummate showman. Brother Russ isn’t to be outdone; his high jumping antics just might leave a hole in Barboza’s ceiling. Check out the band’s latest offering, Errors That Smile, to get a taste of Asterhouse’s passion.

When asked about putting the benefit together, Actionesse bassist Paddy Moran had this to say:

“When we were trying to decide on a beneficiary for this event, the aftermath of the recent hurricanes immediately came to mind. So many natural disasters have ravaged our country this year. Rather than rely on a useless federal government to address the damage everywhere (including in Puerto Rico, where American citizens are still reeling from the destruction due to the government’s neglect), we thought of Red Cross – an organization attempting to provide relief to as many victims as possible, regardless of where they are located.

In a time where many feel helpless in the face of extreme corruption, it is up to the individual to take matters into their own hands and provide relief and activist voices in their community and the country as a whole. This is a very small step in the process, but is simultaneously an easy action for anyone to take. Donations will be collected at the show, and all the proceeds we earn from the door fee will go towards Red Cross. You can also donate online at any time.”

The Lowdown:

Red Cross Holiday Fundraiser ft. Actionesse
Friday, December 15th at 7PM at Barboza
Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online or at the door.

Check out a few photos of Actionesse and Asterhouse from previous events to prepare your body for Friday.

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