Evil Disco Returns With Static X

Static X at The Showbox Market (Photo by Mocha Charlie)

Static X music and stage show continues to celebrate the bands founder and former frontman, Wayne Static (whom the metal world lost in 2014). They brought their Rise of the Machine tour to a sold-out crowd this week to Seattle’s Showbox (Market).

Static X, now fronted by Xer0 since 2018, whose identity remains speculated to some yet anonymous to most, began the show ascending to the top of a metal staircase, gripped by large machine arms and hands. This high elevation gave fans throughout the venue their first glimpse of a brand-new incarnation of a mask and outfit, which completely conceals his identity. It was designed and built by Eddy Yang, whose costume and prop designs can be seen featured in Avatar, Terminator, Iron Man and more. Xer0’s vocals pay homage to Static’s, enabling the band to resurrect their sound with powerful energy and allowing fans to keep Static’s memory alive. That combination allows fans to satisfy their cravings for the evil disco metal the band is known for.

After having to postpone the tour from last year, the original lineup with Fear Factory & DOPE remained intact for 2023, adding Society 1, Mushroomhead and Twiztid to select cities throughout the country. Before the tour even began, fans were already scrambling to secure tickets, with many dates listing very low ticket availability and nearly half of their dates being sold out, including their final date in LA on April 15. Already have a ticket? Be ready for solid openers, and an extended Static X set, that includes stage and screen tributes to Wayne Static. The band has announced that their next album, Project Regeneration: Vol 2, (their follow up to Project Regeneration: Vol 1 which was released in 2020), will include 13 brand new songs and will be released later this year. (You can preorder it, and other merch bundles HERE.) It will include the final vocal performances & music compositions of Wayne Static.

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