Chinook Entertainment

Chinook Entertainment grew out of the success of its inaugural event, Chinook Fest Central. Launched in 2012 by musician Cody Beebe and bandmates Eric Miller, Aaron Myers and Joe Catron from the immeasurable desire to give back to the community which had given them so much in support of their music career, as well as the notion that the area most of them called home, Yakima Valley, was in need of opportunity and access to new and quality music. Even as small festivals had popped up throughout Washington over the past decade, the Central Cascades had been overlooked and as musicians they knew they had unique perspective, knowledge and skills to create an event better than what was being done elsewhere. With the enlisted help of publicity and marketing professional, Michelle Bounds, and finance and operations manager, Dawn Dulin, Chinook Entertainment continues to produce successful, quality events. Expanding from one festival in 2012, now Chinook Entertainment produces two notable festivals and a multitude of supporting events throughout the year that run across the state.
“Great Music Meets the Great Outdoors.” Our team is passionate about music and nature and it is our goal to bring those two things together to give our festival goers the best, most memorable experience. We don’t think the lineup has to be trendy, but it does have to be quality and rooted in American music. It matters to us to feature the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the many outdoor activities we have available to us, fishing, camping, rafting, hiking, rock-climbing, outdoor yoga, the list goes on. We want to respect our natural surroundings so we strive to make our events sustainable and to leave the land which we use in better condition than when we arrived. We want to nurture and maintain those relationships within our surrounding communities and return the same support they have offered us. But above all, the experience had by those who attend our events is of the utmost importance. Our mindset is not to be “the cool kids on the block,” just to execute a five-star experience that is valued throughout the region and keeps you coming back year after year. So if you see us in the trenches of one of our events, don’t hesitate to say hello. Tell us what you love, tell us what we could change, because it’s all about bringing you the best music and introducing you to the best things our state has to offer!

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