Jake Hanson

Jake Hanson is a Seattle-based photographer and creative who is easily inspired by the passion shown by those pursuing their gifts, especially when those gifts are music-related. Having spent his childhood years fiddling with analog photography and surrounding himself with whatever musical influences rural Central Washington could offer, a passion for capturing artists in their most unfiltered light was bound to develop. Upon establishing a music ambassador division through Seattle lifestyle brand Coal Headwear, Jake found a new home and family amongst the city’s talented acts and welcoming venues.

When he’s not behind the lens at a show, Jake is likely to be found plucking his guitar, snowboarding and fly-fishing (depending on the season), or exploring Washington’s other scenic surroundings by foot or bicycle.

Jason Tang is a well respected concert photographer in Northwest. Not only does he shoot all of the top Northwest shows and festivals such as Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Block Party and City Arts Fest, but he also lends his talents to our partners Melodic Caring Project and Seattle Living Room Shows. Jason’s great eye and solid technical acumen make him one of the best and most respected photographers in the region. Because of his stunning photo work and professional reputation, Jason has been requested by name to shoot artists such as Allen Stone and Star Anna. Jason is well thought of within the concert photographer community and is always willing to lend a hand and provide tips to newer concert photographers.