SMI Featured Artist of the Month (August): Apple Jam (SMI Radio Interviews)

Typically, we feature predominantly original artists here at SMI. The same can be said for  the SMI Artist of the Month.  But this particular band has meticulously put together one of the finest Beatles tribute albums that I have ever listened to, “Off The Beatle Track”.  In addition, their live performances are stellar. I have had a chance to see this band do it’s thing live on two separate occasions and each time they have blown my mind. Covering Beatles, McCartney and Lennon tunes is no easy task. Apple Jam does with authenticity and style. In my humble opinion, Apple Jam is one of the best Beatles Tribute bands that I have ever heard.

Last Saturday night (July 24th) at The Triple Door, the group gave a musical shout out to former Beatle, Paul McCartney by playing “Band on the Run” in its’ entirety as well as other selected cuts Beatles and McCartney cuts. I had a blast covering the show. There is post show coverage up on Also it was great seeing our friend Alan White who actually played with some real Beatles do his thing as only he can on “Instant Karma.”

To read more about this great event go here. and for post event coverage including video footage, go here.

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Also, you can read the review of the show courtesty of Seattle Pop Culture Examiner, Gillian Garr.

Also, you can check out the SMI Radio interview and KOMO News Radio interview by Jennifer Harriman below.

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