SMI Radio to partner with My Seattle Night out and Night Out Radio

Last June, SMI Radio was pleased to announce it’s affiliate partnership with Tacoma-based NWCZ Radio . We will continue to enjoy our partnership together. Now, SMI and SMI Radio is delighted to announce an additional affiliate partnership with Seattle-based Night Out Radio.

Like NWCZ Radio, Night Out Radio features music from some of the best and brightest Northwest music talent. Night Out Radio runs 24/7 with several different channels of music from many different genres.

Starting Wednesday, October 12th,  SMI Radio can be heard on Night Out Radioat: 7:00pm (PST) and 9:00pm (PST) and Saturday mornings at 9:00am (PST) on the rock channel. 

Seattle Music Insider, NWCZ Radio, and Night Out Radio are committed to shining the spotlight on artists and the great music that they produce. NWCZ and Night Out Radio provide outlets for talented artists that are not necessarily getting local radio airplay because of the structure and constraints of terrestrial radio. Having SMI Radio on both affiliates allows greater exposure for the local artists and venues supported by My Seattle Night Out and NWCZ Radio.

There will be opportunities in the future for live remote broadcasts at live music events in the Seattle area. In addition, I will continue to use the SMI brand to promote the great work that is being done by both NWCZ and Night Out Radio.

Coming up, I will be part of the judges panel for Night Out Radio’s Jammin’ Challengeat Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe, starting Thursday, November, 17th.

To find out more about this exiting event, please read today’s article on…

Night Out Radio to present Jammin’ Challenge at Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe

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