SMI Radio Ep. 48 On Demand: Ben Union / Jakalope

In the first segment I speak with Ben Union and artist from “The 253” Saturday night, January 28th at Louie G’s in Fife, Ben and his band will celebrate the release of their brand new record, This Blessed Union Volume I. On the bill that night will be Seattle band and past SMI Radio guests, Hot Bodies In Motion as well San Diego’s The Silent Comedy.

We talk about the making of the new record, his approach to making music and performing and Northwest music community as a whole. Also in the first segment I speak with music establishment owner Louie G. about his philosophy about bands and his approach to running one of the most fan and band friendly music and eating establishments in the South Sound. In addition, I will feature selections from the band’s newest effort.

In the second half of the show, I feature the music of  Vancouver Canada’s own industrial, pop rock outfit, Jakalope.  I speak with the group’s co-writer and lead vocalist, Chrystal Leigh. The band is currently on a short west coast tour and will also played Saturday, January 28th at El Corazon in Seattle.

We talk about Jakalope’s music, her influences and the haunting video below. Check it out…

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