Video of the week: “Day Dreaming” by JC Flow with Jennifer Newberry & Ben Hunter

This one has been out for a few weeks – but after viewing this wonderfully shot and produced piece again, we felt it deserved a shout out and a little love here on SMI.

JC Flow’s “Day Dreaming” was directed and edited by one of the Pacific Northwest’s most talented up-and-coming photographer/videographers, Mike Folden. The video highlights beautiful outdoor scenery as the backdrop.

Moreover, the video features the uber-talented Swedish/American soul and pop singer/songwriter Jennifer Newberry. The song and video also features amazing violin virtuosity from the Northwest’s own Ben Hunter

The video delivers a powerful storyline about a young man at a crossroads in his life, the negative consequences of making the wrong choice, and the fulfillment of making the right one.

“Day Dreaming” is an exquisitely passionate number performed by stellar local artists. Equally powerful is the positive message it delivers.

“Day Dreaming” was released worldwide on Valentines Day (2-14-2012) and marks JC Flow’s NINTH single off his upcoming album, “Identity Crisis,” scheduled for release this spring.

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