Alabama shakin’ all over Sasquatch (Photos)

Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard (All Photos: Greg Roth)

When music is performed with skill and soul it is almost a spiritual experience. Alabama Shakes is one of the ‘buzz bands” of the moment and for good reason, they are the authentic article. With one foot in the past and another foot in the present, this group pays tribute to some of the best in the business. Yes, these cats have listened to a few CCR records in their day that is for certain but they do their thing and they do it well.

So…we know that Alabama Shakes, plays authentic bluesy, rootsy and gritty maximum R&B. We also know that they know how to make great records, but when this outfit hit the stage at the Big Foot stage Sasquatch they took their Southern / Cajun rock inspired sound to a whole new level. Vocalist and guitarist Brittany Howard charmed the pants off the Bigfoot stage crowd and then took em to church.

The band also made an appearance on KNND’s End sessions later in the day and performed several exquisite numbers un-plugged.

Live is where this band lives and live is where you feel their power. Those that have seen this band in concert can testify. Can I have an Amen!


KNND “End Session” (Photo: Greg Roth)

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