Three Imaginary Girls 10 Year Anniversary Bash (Photo Slide Show)

Three Imaginary Girls 10 Year Anniversary Party (All Photos By Greg Roth)

Friday, June 1st, the fabulous crew at put on a fine soirée for the music lovin’ masses in The Emerald City.

The star-studded affair provided the opportunity for fans and a host of other musical cats to strut their stuff with some Karaoke artistry. Sean NelsonLesli WoodMegan SelingJenny JimenezShane TutmarcAlicia AmiriCristina BautistaAnna Banana LangeJenny George  as well as members of: Visqueen, The Young Evils,  Exohxo, TullycraftMath & Physics ClubTennis ProMal de MerBlack Nite Crash, KithkinThe ManglesYour Favorite BookNoddyWe Wrote the Book on Connectorsdid their thing and delighted the Chop Suey crowd with some animated and fun performances.

For ten years, Three Imaginary Girls have been doing their thing the only way they know how…their way. For a decade now they have  covered some of the best artists throughout the Northwest. In doing so, they add a ton of value to the local artistic community.

At the event, an old school e-zine chronicling their ten years of covering the scene was available for purchase. If you did not get one they are still available for purchase online or at any upcoming Three Imaginary Girls event in the near future. The next event will be the 10th Anniversary Ice Cream Social at Bluebird Ice Cream in Capitol Hill on July 12. (we got one ourselves – It is a very cool collectible for Northwest music lovers.)

Get your copy of the {very limited edition} Imaginary Zine!

Once again, we at SMI would like to congratulate Three Imaginary Girls on 10 great years of taste makin’ and wish them a very Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you do for the music, the artists, and the community!

Below is a photo slide show of the event…


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