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SMI Artist Spotlight: Jessica Lynne (Photo Slideshow)

Jessica Lynne (Photo by George Bentley)

Danish-born country singer Jessica Lynne brings unexpected purity to her music. Having lived and performed in the Pacific Northwest for the last two years, she’s built a strong following with compelling songs like Fallen Angles Don’t Fly, Living a Country Song, and Wheels. Her first EP, Spiritual Cowgirl, is available on iTunes.

You can catch her along with Adena Atkins the 1st Friday of the month at the Olive Way Starbucks in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. For more information about the show, visit their Facebook page.

More about Jessica Lynne…

From her hometown in Denmark, to her new town, Seattle, Jessica Lynne’s exuberant brand of country music won’t be contained.

First off, there’s her voice. If an angel were to fall and land herself smack-dab in the middle of the American dream, you might get a voice like this—a combination of earth and ether, delicacy and might, moonshine, mason jars, and cotton candy. From the first syllable, her sound captivates. Read more here.