SMI Radio Ep. 88 On Demand: Kevin Sur and Phil O’Sullivan (Artist Home / Timber Outdoor Music Fest)


To us, music is more than just a product or an entertainment medium. It is one of the most spectacular of all art forms and when done well, with authenticity and sincerity, can be a powerful agent for social change.

Artist Home epitomizes this through their efforts in the staging of innovative and popular outdoor music events, such as Doe Bay Fest, which spawned the documentary Welcome to Doe Bay (see video below), Slackfest and Summer Bonfire Series. This summer, the good folks that brought you these great happenings are putting together another special event dubbed Timber! Outdoor Music Festival.

Timber! is the new outdoor music festival from Artist Home Presents uniting music, community, and the beautiful natural environment of the Pacific Northwest. To present Timber!, Artist Home is partnering with King County Parks to set the festival in the rural splendor of Carnation, Washington.

On this week’s episode of SMI Radio, two of the festival organizers, Kevin Sur and Phil O’Sullivan, stop by the studio to talk about Artist Home events. You can hear featured music from the participating artists, and Kevin and Phil reveal additional acts just added to the bill.

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The current festival lineup consists of The Helio Sequence, Fruit Bats, Lemolo, Bryan John Appleby, Kithkin, River Giant, Ten Speed Music and just recently announced, Thee Quasi celebrating their 20th year as a band!! HobosexualPassenger String Quartet (stay tuned to find out who they’ll be collaborating with!), Pablo Trucker, and the first of the TOMF lineup of official “buskers” Nu Klezmer Army!

Tickets went on sale March 12, and are available for purchase here. 

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