PWI (People With Instruments) grooves on through the weekend


The festival season rolls on as the PWI Music Fest, better known as People w/ Instruments rolls on in Carnation, WA. The festival kicked off last night (Friday August 23) and runs through Sunday August 25 on Cook’s Farm (10503 268th Ave NE Carnation, WA 98104). Headlining and notable acts include Polecat Fly Moon Royalty, Blake Noble, McTuff, and The Staxx Brothers.

People w/ Instruments boasts a venue that is both unique, and yet absolutely classic. The festival is located in the heart of a 53 acre farm, which it shares with an assortment of pigs and dairy cows, including the festival mascot Pe-Wee, a particularly friendly bovine that is featured on the poster.

People w/ Instruments prides itself on its grassroots origins as a regional festival, drawings on a diversity of acts, from true local favorites from ‘the valley’ to critically acclaimed bands from communities such as Seattle, Bellingham, and Spokane. In keeping with its grassroots vision, PWI is able to keep tickets at an extraordinarily low price of $30. This commitment to providing a truly affordable experience for music fans is a vision it shares with many of the headlining acts, many of which volunteered to take considerable pay cut help make this price possible for their fans. In a region where the cost of attending music festivals is reaching challenging levels, and certain brands have become virtually private events, for music fans in the Northwest, People w/ Instruments is fresh air. Expect great bands & DJs, a beautiful farm with river access, plus affordable tickets and a weekend of camping any friendly music fan can enjoy.

This August 23rd through 25, come out to the country for three days of music on the farm featuring these wonderful acts:

Saturday, August 24

  • DJ Jopa’s  FUNK BREAKFAST starts 11:am or so
  •  John White – 12:00 to 12:30
  • Alex Rasmussen –   12:35 to 1:15
  •  Lindsay Stiehl – 1:20 to 1:50
  • DJ JOPA spins the cuts   1:55 to 2:35
  •  Ibex – 2:40 to 3:20
  • Real life Rockaz – 3:25 to 4:10
  •  McDougall – 4:15 to 4:55
  • Ayo Dot – 5:00 5 to 5:45 5:45
  • Sassparilla –  5:50 to 6:30
  • Positive Rising – 6:35 to 7:20
  • Sunshine Junkies – 7:25 to 8:15
  • Project Lionheart – 8:20 to 9:20
  • Perry Acker – 9:25 to 10:05
  • Staxx Brothers – 10:10 to 11:00
  • Fly Moon Royalty 11:05 to 11:45
  • Blake Noble Band – 11:50 to 1:15
  • McTuff is Late Night on B Stage around 1:30 am

SATURDAY NIGHT EDM STAGE: at 11pm music will kick off featuring DJ FLAVE, haaps, Dmixed, and Kolody

Sunday August 25 – all acts on mainstage

  • 11:45 to 12:45 Larry Mitchell
  • 1:05 to 1:50 Susy Sun
  • 2:00 to 2:45- Tommy Simmons
  • 3:10 till till when ever – Flying Spiders

Tickets for the entire weekend are now available for only $30 at (

*camping is only $10 per car and/or campsite

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