SMI Radio Ep. 98 On Demand: Sean De Tore (KIRO Radio) & Bradford Loomis


Sean De Tore an assistant producer of the Ron and Don Show, on KIRO Radio. He is also a passionate music journalist and colleague. Sean has been hosting his Mixtape podcast for over 4 years.

The Mixtape features some stellar Northwest music talent of all genres. This past summer, Sean hosted his very first Mixtape “Live” at Barboza in Capitol Hill. Headlining the bill that night was The Glass Notes, who delivered a rousing and gritty performance that night. Sean shares his thoughts on the local music scene and more.

On this weeks’s episode of SMI Radio Sean comes into the studio to help cohost this week’s show. You will hear some exclusive tracks from artists like Nouela, Yucca Mountain, Tangerine, The Maldives and Smokey Brights. Also, if you listen carefully to the show you may be able to win some cool prizes. images

In the second half of the show. Bradford Loomis stops by along with fellow artist Beth Whitney. Brad talks about his most recent record, Into the Great Unknown. Brad also chats about his next project with Beth and his recently launched Kickstarter campaign which will go to raise funds for them to record the new disc.

Brad is playing tonight (1/25) in Seattle with The True Spokes and Ian McFeron Band at the Crocodile. Tickets for the show are available here.

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