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Two Nights of The Head and The Heart at The Paramount (Photo Slideshow)


If you like good local bands playing beautiful venues, then The Paramount was the place for you on Saturday Feb 23rd. The Head and The Heart sold out two nights in a row at the Paramount. Complete with streamers and confetti, it was a great night that showcased three very talented Seattle area bands.

Mikey and Matty (the Brothers Gervais along with several bandmates) started things off with their high energy packed set. Throw in a couple of beautifully played violins, keyboards, harmonicas, the craziest tambourine player I’ve ever seen, and layers of harmony with vocals and guitars and you’ve got yourself another fast up and coming band. Singing songs from their new LP, “Harbor Island” out now, their songs had the entire crowd swaying, jumping, dancing, and singing. I’m keeping my eyes and ears on these guys.

Everett’s, The Moondoggies, have such a varied stage presence. Their heavy rock filled moments were scattered throughout a much more mellow set. There were moments where the songs seemed stalled while waiting for someone to play their part. Bar after bar of just the drum beating the same beat over and over again with no one else joining in. Not sure if this was planned or some technical glitches? But I will say, that during the last song, “Night & Day,” we were treated to a 10+ minute roller coaster. What would start as simple one or two instruments with lead singer, Kevin Murphy singing softly, would descend into full on crushing of the drums and guitars and keyboard in an “every man for himself” kind of rock moment. Those only happen at concerts, folks, and it’s great!!! Their 3rd album, “Adios I’m a Ghost” is out now.

Before heading on tour in Europe, The Head and The Heart treated their hometown crowd to something special. Their “loosely followed” set list was packed with their favorites, and definitely the crowd’s favorites. There wasn’t one song that the entire 3000ish fans didn’t sing to. The three part harmony on stage backed up and surrounded by the packed house at the Paramount was something beautiful. To say that their set was tight would be an understatement. They filled every square inch of the Paramount with pitch perfect melodies. And let’s be honest, Charity Rose Thielen’s voice is just powerfully amazing. Josiah Johnson and Jonathon Russell can also rock the harmonies and guitars, but something magical happens when Charity plays guitar (and violin), harmonica, and sings at the same time.

Biggest hits of the night for me were, “Cats,” “Couer,” “Josh,” “My Friendship,” “Gone,” “Honey,” “Another Story,” “Cruel,” “Lost,” “Shake” (my favorite,) “Sounds Like,” “Rivers.” Granted, the encore of streamers and confetti cannons set off to “These Days” was pretty unforgettable. Finishing off the night with “Summertime” and “Down in the Valley,” The Head and The Heart was given a very loving and loud standing ovation.

Happy Tour Trails, THATH! Thank you for starting it off with us here at home! I’ll be playing your newest album, “Let’s Be Still” until you come back.


Arlene Brown is both a writer and photographer for SMI. She likes to take things one picture at a time. Covering and reviewing shows from Soundgarden, The Proclaimers, Lorde, The Head & The Heart, to Hank3, Bob Log III, New Politics, Black Joe Lewis, Grouplove, including local and national rising bands and more, she truly loves to try to get that perfect shot. Looking for that raw emotion, energy, power that only live music can deliver, she captures the essence of a show in her own unique style.