Johnny Hoffman and The Residents to play Rendezvous 5/8; release new EP

Johnny Hoffman and The Residents

Johnny Hoffman and The Residents

Everett’s Johnny Hoffman & The Residents are bringing their energetic garage genre rock down to Seattle to celebrate the release of their EP, Untitled (Soniphone), this Friday at The Rendezvous (9:30 p.m., $7). JHoff puts on quite the performance as he parades around the stage with his guitar, screaming; while drummer Frico Suave attacks his kit ferociously. This date  marks the beginning of their national tour – the band’s next stop is the Fisherman’s Village Music Festival in Everett, and then they head across the country and back again (see dates below).

Johnny Hoffman & The Residents will be supported by longtime friends John Paul and the Apostles and Shark the Herald. Come on down to hear what the north end has to offer!

Dirty Force of Nature Tour Dates:
Johnny Hoffman & The Residents

5/8 Tour Kick off/ CD Release Rendezvous SEATTLE!
5/17 @Tony v’s Garage EVERETT, WASHINGTON
6/2 Boise, Idaho
6/3 Denver, Colorado
6/4 Kansas City, Missouri
6/5 The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy
6/6 St Louis, Missouri
6/7 Louisville, Kentucky
6/8 Cincinnati, Ohio
6/9 Columbus, Ohio
6/10 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
6/11 Boston, Massachusetts
6/12 Boston, Massachusetts
6/13 Boston, Massachusetts
6/14 New York, New York
6/15 New York , New York
6/16 Indianapolis, Indiana
6/17 Chicago, Illinois
6/18 Bismark, North Dakota
6/19 Billings, Montana


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