SMI Radio Ep. 111 On Demand: Catherine Feeny & Chris Johnedis and Carrie & Kristen Watt


Catherine Feeny, Chris Johnedis and SMI Radio Host, Greg Roth

On this week’s episode of SMI Radio, host Greg Roth takes listeners back inside Critical Sun Radio Studio for another live session with the brilliant Catherine Feeny and Chris Johnedis, who were in town to play a special Seattle Living Room Show performance.

Feeny and Johnedis create a big, ethereal and eclectic sound with their unique arrangements and tones. Feeny talks about the challenges and joys of being a recording artist, and shares her experience participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement, which began in September 2011 in Zuccotti Park.

In the second half of the show, Greg catches up with Seattle Living Room Show founders, Carrie and Kristen Watt backstage at Northwest Folklife Festival.

The Watt sisters talked about their seven-year anniversary celebration and what they have planned coming up in year eight.

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