GWAR Takes on Internet Dating

GWAR at Showbox SoDo (Photo: Mocha Charlie)

GWAR at Showbox SoDo (Photo: Mocha Charlie)

Each year when GWAR heads out on tour, you can expect that the band will be dressed in “alien attire.” Fans can expect that their seemingly innocent white t-shirts will look like they just survived a zombie apocalypse by the end of the night, and venue staff can expect there will be a little more clean-up at the end of their shift.

What remains to be known is what “theme” the band will take on once they hit the road. While they haven’t put out any new music since their Battle Maximus back in 2013, that doesn’t mean fans won’t line up to see what’s “new” for their live performances. This time they’re taking on the internet, also referring to this tour as their “30 Years of World Domination.” As the Internet has yet to “dominate” us for that long, but they portray beings that come from a distant galaxy, so they are blind to how much it has taken its toll on life on Earth. They are aloof about it (using terms like “Spew Tube” and “Fistbook”). For those afraid of “internet dating,” just think how difficult it might be for “Blothar” to get a date?  “Wait. You don’t look anything like your profile picture,” becomes an understatement. Of course they blame each other, including the GWAR slaves for making mistakes and failing to understand how the Internet works, but it is the fans who receive the most direct animosity. But GWAR fans wouldn’t have it any other way. There have even been negative comments made at prior shows that fans weren’t being “punished” enough. At last week’s show, fans were punished, but the staff at Showbox SoDo were perhaps the most “punished,” They endured direct hits from the stage from all of the “orifices” of the character costumes, especially those with targets on their backs, and had to clean up the mess on the floor that isn’t captured by the bodies in the crowd.

GWAR’s world domination includes band support from Battlecross, and Born of Osiris, and will continue through the end of November.

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