PHOTOS: Upstream Day One

Mike McCready and Friends at Upstream (Photo by Christine Mitchell)

The inaugural Upstream Music Festival and Summit took place last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in and around Pioneer Square. There was far too much going on to fit into one article, so we at Seattle Music Insider will be running a separate photo gallery for each day. Day Three’s article will include a general overview and thoughts about the weekend.

Thursday’s summit portion featured keynote speaker Quincy Jones, who is local to the area and has been a huge influencer in the music scene for decades (he produced Michael Jackson’s Thriller). After a few hours of summit sessions and panels, it was time for the music to get started, with Sundries taking on The Central Saloon. Thursday’s lineup featured everything from jazzy sounds (Industrial Revelation), cool hip hop (Porter Ray), straight ahead rock (Thunderpussy, Hobosexual), and music that was flat out weird, yet fun (The Fabulous Downey Brothers). A couple of bands, Tea Cozies and Maszer, gave their final performances. The area wasn’t packed in the general sense, but certain stages, like the HockeyTalkter stage at The Comedy Underground, had lines around the block nonetheless. All in all it was a great kickoff.

Below is a photo gallery from Day One of Upstream. Be sure to return to see more photos from Day Two, and the final analysis with Day Three’s gallery.



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