Hobosexual release Monolith

Hobosexual Monolith Album Cover

…and it kicks all sorts of ass.

“2 Beards, 4 amps, mind of a scientist, and more raw talent than Jesus.” That’s what Seattle’s Hobosexual states on their Facebook page. But who or what is Hobosexual?

Hobosexual is a two man band consisting of Ben Harwood (guitars / vocals) and Jeff Silva (drums / spirit guide), and they state that the name was adopted as a tongue in cheek dictatorial spin on affiliation as antiquated preference, the original and CORRECT GREEK root (a la not disgusting) meaning of the compound word “Hobo-Sexual” being: “One who cares little for their own personal appearance.” 

Appearance aside, they have a sound that is heavy, melodic, catchy and infectious. They have a large following within the Seattle music scene. They are also getting ready to drop their latest offering, Monolith, on November 3, 2017, and the album is superb.

Whether it was intentional or not, the band definitely wears their influences on their collective sleeve. Hitting hard during the opening tracks, slowing it down to let it stew during the middle, and then finishing on the heavy side, those who are familiar with Hobosexual will be happy with this release, whereas those who are new to Hobosexual will get blown away.  

From the slow grind of the opening track “Trans Am Sunday” – which kind of has the sound and vibe of “Ugly Truth” by Soundgarden – to the scorching “Dimensional Beard,” to the slower tempo of the title track “Monolith” and “VHS or Sharon Stone,” the band’s sound is all over the map, but they make

Hobosexual (photo: Jason Tang)

 it work (and it’s a good thing). “Sunset Adieu” is a great exit track and leaves the listener salivating for more.

The band will be celebrating the release of Monolith with an album release party at The Crocodile in downtown Seattle. Joining Hobosexual will be The Black Tones and NighTraiN. Then on November 10, Hobosexual will be doing an in-store appearance at Easy Street Records in West Seattle from 8pm to 9pm.

This album gets a 4.5/5…….

Track Listing
Trans Am Sunday
Dimensional Beard
Up the Down Walls
VHS or Sharon Stone
Cincinnati Juggernaut
The Grey Mountain
Night of 1000 Daggers
Sunset Adieu