Hot Seat: Kaitie Wade

Kaitie Wade performs at 515 in Seattle. (Matthew Lamb /

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see country music artist Kaitie Wade perform in Seattle. After her wonderful set, I had the chance to have Kaitie in the Hot Seat and ask her some more in-depth questions. A review of her performance can be found here.

What keeps you going when you hit roadblocks or receive criticism?

Whenever I hit a roadblock or am rejected, the first thing I do is look back to all I have accomplished. I think to myself “If I have been through something like this before and came out victorious, I can sure as heck do it again.” In a way, criticism and doubters are what fire me up to do MORE. To make more music, more fans, get more shows, and prove that I can go farther than I ever imagined. I already have come farther than I ever thought possible, so I know it is possible to go even farther. The songs “Starts With a Song” and “Diamonds” off of my EP talk about just that.

How do you feel about the Seattle country music?

I absolutely love it up here. Nashville is amazing, of course, but it is extremely saturated. Almost everyone you meet is in the music industry. Here, I like how people truly appreciate country music and don’t take it for granted. I love the northwest so much because it is HOME to me. Being able to combine my passion/career with my home life has been amazing.

What has been the biggest event you have done?

Opening for Russell Dickerson and playing right outside CMA fest last year. I can’t pick just one!

Nashville is clearly home to Country Music, what did you learn there that you hope to bring back to Seattle? For the first 4 years in Nashville, I was in music school at Belmont University. I truly believe the vigorous schedule and overload of information played a huge part in turning me into the persistent person I am today. Aside from school, Nashville taught me everything I need to know about crowd interaction, stage presence, and getting out of your own head and focusing on the people who came out to see you. The first time I sang on lower Broadway (Downtown Nashville), I was so nervous and stiff. After a few shows and guidance from other musicians down there, I finally loosened up and was ready to go! Nashville also taught me to grow a strong back bone – it is a lot of criticism, and is often quite brutal and competitive to be in the industry down there. It was, and still is, such a learning and growing process. But I am so excited to bring back everything Nashville taught me , and implement it into the great Northwest!

One thing you would like to get rid of in life…?

The one thing I would like to get rid of in life is my ANXIETY. It is something I have learned to live with, but if I had the option to remove one thing from my life, that would be it!

Touring plans for 2018?

I plan to travel back and forth (Between Nashville and the Northwest) a LOT this summer. Between CMA fest and Ellensburg rodeo, fairs and festivals, It is about to be one wild ride! I couldn’t be more excited!

Social Media – Good or Bad?

I think social media for the purposes of interacting with fans and promoting music is VERY good – and necessary in today’s society! I don’t know what I would do without it!

Where will you be in five years?

In five years, I hope to be touring and making music full time, so no side restaurant job required (haha). But really, I hope to have toured all of the US, Canada and Europe by then, or at least to have played at Watershed Festival. I have big goals that I DO plan on achieving.

Matthew Lamb is a commercial photographer based in Seattle, WA.