Strawberry Mountain’s “Super-Neuro Tropical”

Strawberry Mountain (Photo by Jackson Purcell)

Experimental future-pop band Strawberry Mountain, led by Seattle songwriter and musician Carter Prince, play eclectic music that walks a fine line between accessibility and pleasant absurdity. For the listener whose goal is to find something intriguing, the group’s latest single, “Super-Neuro Tropical,” should be attended to. Formerly known as Basement Surfers, Strawberry Mountain’s signature blend of indie pop/rock elements and weird electronic insanity leaves nothing to be desired, and instead challenges expectations by taking the listener down the band’s very own winding path.

After warming up the ears with rich acoustic guitar chords, booming kick and snare patterns bring the song into its first phase, as a simultaneously gleeful and glum Prince speaks on depression, loneliness, and humankind. Layered vocal tracks that vary in both mood and octave create a sense of happy unwinding, reminiscent of The Unicorns, as the guitar and bass gallop along.

Suddenly, the listener will find themselves blindsided by one of Strawberry Mountain’s classic hyperactive, electronic breakdowns – in this moment, distinct sides of the band are realized. Trading back and forth between shades of drum and bass, indie pop, surf, and more, “Super-Neuro Tropical” earns it’s title by breaking loose into a tripped-out double-time frenzy that would suit the credits of a Sunday morning cartoon. As thudding, lightning-fast drum hits keep the vibe restless, guitar is intermittently given space to perform clean, nuanced lead riffs.

The song completes its journey by finding its way back to a peaceful closing melody, returning the emphasis to guitar before introducing multiple layers of glittering synths. An adventure of a track, “Super-Neuro Tropical” is set to be included on Strawberry Mountain’s upcoming album, …And She Exploded Into Color, due out in May. Strawberry Mountain will perform at the first Semifinals of Sound Off! tomorrow, February 9th, at MoPOP. Listen to “Super-Neuro Tropical” on their Bandcamp here.

Paddy Moran is an active musician and participant in the bustling Seattle music scene. When not discussing his extreme distaste for eggs (any style), Paddy can usually be found fumbling around, looking for lost personal items and accoutrements. Have you seen his backpack? It was right here a minute ago; someone must have moved it. In his personal life, Paddy requires almost constant, near-24/7 audial stimulation, which explains both his undying love for new music and why he won't just stop talking already. Oh, there's my backpack. I mean his.