Timbrrr! hits this weekend

The Bavarian-ish paradise of Leavenworth is set to sparkle this weekend, and its snow and twinkling lights, tasty restaurants, and cozy bars are ready for the sixth year of Timbrr! Artist Home decided to host the first Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival in the town because of these elements, and it’s also what makes Timbrrr! one of the most singular festivals in the Pacific Northwest.

Imagine sipping Icicle Brewing’s Timbrrr! branded Hoppy Brown beer, sitting at an outdoor fireplace, listening to Tekla Waterfield. Imagine cradling a hot toddy cocktail in your palms while taking in Shannon & The Clams or the excellent Monsterwatch after spending the day in a winter wonderland, skiing, hiking, or tubing. Or maybe you just spent the day shopping for knickknacks and consuming brats and pretzels. Part of the fun of Timbrrr! is creating your own unique experience.

Kavu, as is tradition, will be selling some killer Timbrrr! branded gear that is unique to the festival. There will be a tasty Hot Toddy Garden as well as food vendors inside the main Festhalle venue. All in all, Timbrrr! is, as always, an awesome, one of a kind festival in a gorgeous location. Tickets are available here, and there are plenty of accommodations to be found from Leavenworth throughout the Wenatchee area.

Christine Mitchell has been poring over album liner notes pretty much since she acquired the skill of reading, and figured out the basic structure of rock songs at an early age. Whether it’s the needle popping into the first groove of the record, the beeps that signal the beginning (or end) of a cassette tape, or digital numbers ticking off the seconds from zero, music brings Christine happiness, ponderous thought, opportunities for almost scientific study, and sometimes a few tears. When she started attending live shows two decades ago, a whole new piece of the puzzle clicked in and she has been hooked ever since.