Dirty Heads and 311 at White River Amphitheatre

Dirty Heads at White River Amphitheatre (Photo by Mike Baliterra)

Dirty Heads and 311 have been on a nationwide co-headlining tour which made its way to the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, WA on Sunday, August 18th.

The weather was perfect, the crowd was mellow and both bands put on an excellent performance, each both playing for over ninety minutes.

311, from Los Angeles via Omaha, NE, made up of Nick Hexum (guitar / vocals), S. A. Martinez (vocals), Tim Mahoney (guitar), Chad Sexton (drums), and Aaron “P-Nut” Wills (bass), took the stage at roughly 8 pm and put on a superb performance. 311 played a ton of fan favorites such as “Don’t Stay Home,” “Beautiful Disaster,” “Come Original,” “All Mixed Up,” “What The?!,” and “Down.”

Dirty Heads, who are based out of Huntington Beach, CA, is made up of Dustin Bushnell (Vocals/Guitar), Jared Watson (Vocals), Jon Olazabal (Percussion), Matt Ochoa (Drums), & David Foral (Bass). They made their way to the stage at around 9:45 pm, under heavy fog / dry ice and large LED panels that made for a large amount of backlighting that created silhouettes out of the band.  Dirty Heads had everyone singing and jumping while they performed “Burn Slow,” “Mad At It,” “Cabin By The Sea,” “Medusa,” and “Moon Tower.”