Annie J: “Light My Own Fire” video premier

headshot of Annie J
Annie J (photo courtesy of the artist)

Those who already know Annie J may know about her vocal prowess through The Seattle Rock Orchestra, Sidecar, Nick Foster Band, and many other ensembles that prefer working with one of the best singers in Seattle and beyond. Her combined vocal range on numerous projects shines through and her solos allow you to truly experience the “shock and awe” of her talents.

Seattle Music Insider is pleased to premier her first video from her solo project. On “Light My Own Fire,” Annie collaborated with a star-studded band including Andrew Vait and Emily Westman of SISTERS, RL Heyer, Scott Paul Johnson, Nik Singleton, and Kelly Ash to embark on presenting her own material. Filmed by Josh Perrault and Luke Dumke and recorded live at Strange Earth Studios by Bradley Liana (of Vaudeville Etiquette), the song (written by Annie, Stephanie Anne Johnson, and Nick Foster) makes for a simply luxurious viewing and listening experience. Look out for more from the Annie J camp this year!

(Please note: This video was produced last year, prior to “social distancing”.)

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