Greg Roth

Seattle Music Insider founder & Creative Director – Greg Roth, is unique in the world of music journalism.

Not only is he a multi-media journalist, he is also an accomplished musician. He also drives the creative look, feel and branding for SMI.

His years of writing, arranging, and performing live music in a variety of genres inform his ability to communicate the message and the mechanics of music.

Roth interviews a wide variety of artists, from classic rockers and contemporary acts, to up-and-coming local bands. Roger Daltry (The Who), Lee Oskar (WAR), Alan White (Yes, Plastic Ono Band), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), Adrian Belew (Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Talking Heads, King Crimson) Thomas Dolby, Jeff Lynne (ELO, Traveling Wilburys) Urge Overkill, Blues Traveler, Wheedle’s Groove, Fitz and the Tantrums, Phantogram, Vicci Martinez, Allen Stone, Star Anna, Hot Bodies in Motion, Pickwick, Lemolo and Ivan & Alyosha are just a sampling of the artists he has spoken with. Roth is a fixture at events such as Bumbershoot, Synergia Northwest, Sasquatch, and Capitol Hill Block Party, providing a unique insider take to an otherwise public event.

In 2009, Greg became a featured writer for the Seattle (See his articles here.)

Roth appeared on KOMO News Radio in 2010 as a music correspondent for Bumbershoot, reporting the daily highlights.

Currently, he hosts an internet radio show that can be heard weekly on NWCZ Radio and is available on iTunes,  Soundcloud, TuneIn Radio and Stitcher Radio. In addition, Roth serves as co-host along with Levi Ware for Melodic Caring Project live streams and interviews.

Roth’s work on SMI reflects his philosophy that music is the universal language, and builds community. He believes it has the power to unite people of every race, religion, gender, and persuasion.

So come along for a trip inside Seattle’s astoundingly diverse music scene!  Drink in the 360 degree coverage as Roth and his talented team brings you the inside stories of musicians and their art!  As part of Seattle Music Insider, Greg Roth spotlights the best in local musicians and events, to serve the broader community through the power of music.

Check out Greg’s own music here at Reverbnation.

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    Jason Tang

    Jason Tang is a well respected concert photographer in Northwest. Not only does he shoot all of the top Northwest shows and festivals such as Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Block Party and City Arts Fest, but he also lends his talents to our partners Melodic Caring Project and Seattle Living Room Shows. Jason’s great eye and solid technical acumen make him one of the best and most respected photographers in the region.

    Because of his stunning photo work and professional reputation, Jason has been requested by name to shoot artists such as Allen Stone and Star Anna. Jason is well thought of within the concert photographer community and is always willing to lend a hand and provide tips to newer concert photographers.

    Check out some of Jason’s great photo work here

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      Abby Williamson

      A photographer, writer, and video blogger with a passion for live music – especially the local scene. She recently moved to Seattle after commuting from Gig Harbor for shows an average of once a week for five years, so she’s happy to not have to drive as much and photograph even more concerts!

      When she’s not elbowing her way up to the front row at a show or sorting through thousands of photos of those shows, Abby also does freelance wedding photography, all the while cultivating a decent-sized following on YouTube. 

      Abby has contributed to several music blogs over the last five years (and she’s really excited to join the SMI team!), and has been published in at least one album booklet for the band, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. She would like people to know that while music photography and writing is a huge passion in her life – she is a fan first, photographer second. 

      You can find more of her work at or

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        Christine Mitchell

        Christine Mitchell has been poring over album liner notes pretty much since she acquired the skill of reading, and figured out the basic structure of rock songs at an early age. Whether it’s the needle popping into the first groove of the record, the beeps that signal the beginning (or end) of a cassette tape, or digital numbers ticking off the seconds from zero, music brings Christine happiness, ponderous thought, opportunities for almost scientific study, and sometimes a few tears.  When she started attending live shows two decades ago, a whole new piece of the puzzle clicked in and she has been hooked ever since.

        Christine is proud to be able to trace her family line back five generations in Snohomish County. She has an English degree and two Fine Arts degrees from the University of Washington. She writes, draws, paints, sews, knits, and parents to an ever-evolving soundtrack. Christine feels she is a good mom because her kids love Devo’s ‘Jocko Homo’ and David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars?’.

        Christine’s work for SMI can be found here.

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          Mocha Charlie

          Mocha Charlie is an amazing photographer who has a real passion for music. She has her finger on the Pacific Northwest music pulse. She covers and shoots several shows per month in and around the region.

          She a brilliant photo journalist but most importantly, she is also a mother who does her best to balance out her life and live it to the fullest. Mocha Charlie uses her passion and talent to support the community, her friends and family any way that she can.

          Her passion for music photo journalism was ignited more than five years ago, after attending her first“Seattle Living Room Show.” At that moment she knew that using her photographic skills to help support our music community would be worth a shot (Yes, pun intended) and her calling.

          Since then, Mocha Charlie has taken and edited tens of thousands of photos from several hundred shows that she has covered. Along her journey she has met some incredible artists and other folks involved in the local music scene. She has made a many new friends along the way.

          Mocha Charlie contributes her photos and reviews of the shows that she covers to various music blogs and web sites, and celebrations of music including Seattle Living Room ShowsSeattle Secret Shows, and The Melodic Caring Project. From 2010-2012, she was on the board of â€œNorthwest LoveFest”, a local festival that celebrated community through music and art.

          When you go to a local show there is a good chance that you will see her with one (or more) of her  kids, her husband, or one (or more) of  her many friends that she has met through music. If you see her at a show, she may not be able to talk because more than likely you will  see her  with her Nikon up at her eye ready for the next shot. She is very focused on her work (another pun intended.)

          Mocha Charlie will contribute photos and photo slide shows for Seattle Music Insider, as well as select show reviews.

          Check out some more of Mocha Charlie’s contributions to SMI here

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            Michael C. Gonzalez

            Accomplished project and product manager with excellent understanding of marketing strategies. Managed marketing processes including the creation of on-air, online, web promotions and Brand development. Successful at delivering on: strategy, creative designs and marketing/promotions . With several years in Radio/Broadcasting and the tech world , Michael adds a wide variety of support and creative services. Visit [BDM] Creative

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              Madison Warnock

              Madison Warnock is a Seattle native writer/poet/aspiring novelist who graduated from Washington State University with a degree in English.  She quickly made her way through freelance work molding her written tact through nonprofit journals, medical societies, and music blogging. She takes her musical inspiration from her close ties with the Seattle music community, and can often be found in recording studios and venues. She’s a Technical Writer for GoDaddy, incorporating her love for community outreach and information acquisition.  If Madison isn’t writing or working she’s either searching for the best gluten free/dairy free desserts in the city or playing board games.  Notably she’s the most cantankerous driver on the road, and she’s never late for a show.

              Zach Frimmel
              Zach Frimmel is a concert-ivore, vinylphile, and local music enthusiast. He’s lived in Seattle for four years by way of Chicago and Orlando. Since living in Seattle, he’s worked at Neumos/Barboza and Caffe Vita, worked with Pitch Perfect PR, and has been fortunate to cover some of his personal favorites: Leonard Cohen, Fiona Apple, David Bazan, Blake Mills, mewithoutyou, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, and Cass McCombs. He continues to be fascinated by the allure and intersectionality of music, which was first sparked when he was Music Director/writer for a music and culture website him and his friends managed in college.

              When not writing about music, Zach coordinates programs at Artist Trust, plays music under Grayman Geraldson, and is probably crushing pizza somewhere.

              Fun facts: Zach has played cowbell on stage with Piebald and gambled on STRFKR’s tour bus (yes, he won).

              Jeffrey Rindskopf

              Jeffrey Rindskopf is a freelance writer and editor. Born and raised in southern California, he attended film school at Chapman University before deciding to focus on journalism and fiction writing. He moved to Seattle to begin his career as a freelancer, writing about travel, music, film and food in between work on short stories and novels. When he isn’t writing or attending concerts and films for the sake of reviews and coverage, Jeffrey likes to hike or simply melt into the couch and consume some of his favorite media.

              Carradin Michel

              Carradin Michel is a Seattle native who spent his youth constantly stealing his older brother’s Maxell cassettes, all dubbed with rap music from LA and New York. Those early tapes, along with a weekly soundtrack provided by Nasty Ness’s Rap Attack radio show, caused him to fall hard for Hip Hop music and it’s culture. He believes the Pacific Northwest has one of the freshest hiphop scenes in the world and wants to shine a brighter spotlight on it by documenting it’s rich talent.

              Currently, he splits his time between recording his own hip hop albums while doing videography work and pursuing a double major in English and Radiologic Sciences.

              You can find his music here:

              Renae Koepke

              Stumbling into writing purely by accident, this Seattle native has always had a deep love for music. Frequenting Seattle’s local venues and festivals since she was a teen (back when El Corazon was Graceland!). When she met a concert photographer who despises writing, they teamed up. And so it began. As a scientist by day, technical writing comes more naturally. The branch into creative writing has been somewhat of a challenge that’s been gladly accepted. Finally becoming a little part of something that she’s been a huge fan of for so long.

              Kriston McConnell

              Kriston began her writing career as a passionate music fan. She attended dozens of shows, purchased CDs, vinyl and even cassette tapes of artists she barely even heard of. Shortly after joining a band’s street team she happened to meet blogger Jacob Tender (now with Alternative Press) who asked her to write for his blog. After a couple of months he joined the staff of Under The Gun Review, and brought her along for the ride. After spending four years as a major contributor to the publication she moved on to be a web content contributor for New Noise Magazine, whose print magazines have a national reach.

              Now that she has settled in with a national publication, she is looking to focus more on the talent bursting out of her local music scene. She is excited for the opportunity to get to know the artists who help keep the scene alive in Seattle.
              Michelle Ellen

              Michelle Ellen is a freelance writer and editor. Born and raised in the state of Washington, she wrote and studied music for years before combining the two as a career. 

              As a freelance writer, Michelle covers music news, interviews, album reviews and show reviews for artists of all different genres. Her writing has been featured on,, and the blog for Seattle-area radio station KLCK, Click 98.9. She has also provided reviews and writing services for Mapquest and the mobile app HeyLets. 

              In 2010 she founded Editing By ME, an editorial company providing editing and proofreading services for independent authors and publishing houses. She helps clients hone their voice and creative vision through their writing, and the majority of these works are now available through major retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

              Growing up Michelle played classical and jazz music while simultaneously creating mix tapes for friends that consisted of rock, pop, hip hop and country. She became notorious among friends and family as the girl who listened to bands that no one else had heard ofbefore. These days Michelle is married with two kids and divides her time between family life in suburbia and hanging out in the live music scene. She still listens to bands that none of her friends have heard of before.

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                Jessica Kaminski

                Raised in central Wisconsin, I felt like I had found home when I moved to Seattle in 2006. I was immediately captivated by the local music community and love discovering new and old music by the talented artists in the PNW. I also really really like baby goats and am a sucker for cheese.

                Katrina Charles

                Katrina Charles is a writer and musician in Seattle, Washington. When she’s not writing or musicianing, she enjoys paddleboarding, “running”, watching Netflix, and planning life improvements that she will put into practice tomorrow. Her next project is recording her second EP that will undoubtedly be “liked” by several of her friends on Facebook (and the world). As for writing, her continuing project is to create more ways to describe music for readers. Keep an eye out for her creative descriptions such as “folklicious”, “americanamazing” and “smooth like a worn out tennis ball”. They’re a work in progress, but she can guarantee that they’ll make (a little more) sense in context.

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                  Brandon Taylor

                  Brandon Taylor started writing at some point in the hazy memory of his youth.  He remained lost in books and journals until that happy life was interrupted during middle school by a trumpet and a guitar – both of which he continues to play.  From there he was sucked into the rabbit holes of the PNW music scene, never joining an official band but enjoying Tacoma’s offerings growing up, Bellingham’s while in school at Western Washington University and Tacoma’s (again) after graduating.

                  His love of music born from creating it, Brandon can’t stop listening to and talking with local artists.  Moving to Seattle in 2013 only made things worse, and then he started writing for Seattle Magazine and Seattle Living Room Shows.  Given the perfect excuse to continue this behavior and work as a journalist while so disposed, he’s never been happier.

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                    Alicia Kamenick

                    Alicia is a Midwest transplant who loves Seattle but misses thunderstorms.  Her musical obsessions began when her coolest aunt gave her a copy of K-Tel’s Rock 80 album for Christmas when she was 7. She spent many years studying piano and voice, but the force of rock and roll won, so while she still sings in a local chorale, her true musical passions lie more with The Beatles than with Beethoven.

                    When she’s not working at her job in HR, she can be found singing bad pop songs at the top of her lungs 
 although sometimes she does that at work, too.

                    You can contact Alicia at:

                    To read articles from Alicia, go here.

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                      Brent Stavig

                      Brent Stavig was a born and raised in Washington State. When he wasn’t busy tying up his neighbor’s Barbie dolls and placing them on the railroad tracks he was subversely being drawn into the world of rock and roll by his hippie parents. From the time his mother gave him a copy of “Cosmo’s Factory” for his eighth birthday he was enamored with rock magazines, electric guitars, and bell-bottoms.

                      He formed his first band when he was fourteen and spent the summer of ’76 trying to figure out how to play “Year of the Cat” on his twenty-five-dollar Kingston electric guitar. More bands followed, and soon after discovering the joy of punk rock Brent packed up his meager belongings and hailed a Greyhound bus to New York City to see what the fuss was all about.

                      After spending seventeen years playing in bands in NYC during the great 80’s and 90’s Brent decided to move back to Seattle to see why everyone was complaining about everyone else. Now he’s an edgy corporate guy who still wears his love for rock and roll on his Brooks Brothers sleeve, and who enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in music and angst.

                      Read more of Brent’s articles here.

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                        Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

                        Isaac Kaplan-Woolner is a live music fanatic and radio nerd living in Seattle. When he’s not attending concerts, he works as an assistant producer for the public radio show Travel with Rick Steves. He also volunteers and occasionally moonlights at KEXP Radio, and serves on the board of directors for the nonprofit Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

                        He got his start in radio with a punk show at the tiny 10 watt station WNMH at his highschool in Northfield, MA,   then in college volunteered at KBOO radio in Portland, OR, before landing a job as a DJ and news producer at KOHO Radio in Leavenworth, WA. Isaac collects vinyl, gig posters, ticket stubs, and ukuleles. The first CD he bought with his own money (when he was 11) was a used copy of Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet. These days he listens to all sorts of music, though he still has that Public Enemy CD somewhere.  

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                          Ian Cunningham

                          Ian Cunningham is often described as either an old-soul or the most crotchety twenty-something you’ll ever meet (depending on the source), Ian holds a critical eye for modern music. Idolizing Keith Richards, Warren Zevon, and Lester Bangs, his musical preferences thrive decades prior to those of his peers.

                          Raised in Portland, OR, he moved to Seattle in 2012 to continue drumming for the indie surf band Faire du Surf as well as to pursue an English degree from the University of Washington. Though the band has since dissolved, he is the current drummer and manager for The Mama Rags.

                          In what little free time he has, Ian is a die-hard Seahawks fan and an avid record collector; his favorite album being Those Shocking Shaking Days. This October, he will be the proud father of a baby boy.

                          You can contact Ian at:

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                            Robin Fairbanks
                            Robin Fairbanks has spent 30+ years in the Music Industry in many capacities. Working in the Seattle music scene since 2006 as a Manager/Booker, she’s known for her ethics and artist development skills. Robin has guided the careers of many, but most notable as the former Manager of Seattle Garage/Blues band Fox and The Law for 3.5 years. Robin has spent the last 2 yrs consulting with Artists who seek her help as a Music Consultant and Publicist with Setlist Music Solutions LLC. She also gives of her time as an advisor to Seattle Wave Radio, an Internet music station where she helped shape its sound as the ROCK Channel Music Director for 2+ yrs upon its launch in 2010 and where you’ll find her music blog, “Bird On A Wire“. In 2014, Robin also worked as a Contributing Music Writer for Guerrilla Candy.
                            You can find Robin’s work for SMI here.

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                              Susan Galbraith

                              Susan Galbraith is a singer/songwriter and journalist living in Seattle, Wa. Susan covers everything from Seattle’s hottest shows and musicians for Capitol Hill Times and SMI to the best events around the city as a lifestyle writer for Komo’s Seattle Refined.

                              Susan released her debut record in 2009 and recorded a local singer-songwriter spot for 106.1 KISS FM Seattle where her song “A Better You,” was showcased on iHeart radio. She has shared the stage with multiple recording artists such as Colbie Caillat, Ry Cummings, and many more.

                              Susan’s soulful new single “No Room For You” is available on iTunes and she is currently working on her sophomore EP release.

                              For upcoming shows and other info, visit or

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                                Janice Deccio

                                Janice is the managing editor for SMI. She has 30 + years experience in the field, and is an audiophile as well. She holds a BA in journalism from Central Washington University and a Master’s from the University of Washington. She currently works as a communications and event planner. She has performed as a coloratura soprano with the Yakima Light Opera Company and the Warehouse Theatre Company. She has fronted several classic rock cover bands for fun, and enjoys all genres of music.

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                                  Mike Baltierra
                                  PHOTOGRAPHER & WRITER

                                  Mike Baltierra is a freelance photographer based out of Seattle, WA. He picked up the shutter bug at an early age from his father who is a life long photo hobbyist.

                                  Photography is a way for Mike to not only capture images, but a way to tell a story. He wants to capture images that give a voice to whatever the subject might be and to get excitement from the viewer. Portrait, music, and urban photography are his main interests.

                                  When he is not out shooting, he spends most the day employed as a Systems Administrator for an aerospace firm just outside of Seattle. He loves strong coffee and craft beers. He is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.

                                  Mike is originally from Northern California, where he lived most of my life. He is married to his awesome wife of over twenty years and together they have three sons.

                                  Jake Hanson
                                  PHOTOGRAPHER & WRITER

                                  Jake Hanson is a Seattle-based photographer and creative who is easily inspired by the passion shown by those pursuing their gifts, especially when those gifts are music-related. Having spent his childhood years fiddling with analog photography and surrounding himself with whatever musical influences rural Central Washington could offer, a passion for capturing artists in their most unfiltered light was bound to develop. Upon establishing a music ambassador division through Seattle lifestyle brand Coal Headwear, Jake found a new home and family amongst the city’s talented acts and welcoming venues.

                                  When he’s not behind the lens at a show, Jake is likely to be found plucking his guitar, snowboarding and fly-fishing (depending on the season), or exploring Washington’s other scenic surroundings by foot or bicycle.

                                  David Endicott

                                  After cutting his teeth on the San Diego skate punk scene growing up Dave eventually left it behind for the grunge rock and hip hop of Seattle trading his Blink-182 and Social Distortion for Nirvana, Macklemore and Blue Scholars. While the scene is different the love of capturing it on SD card remains the same. Feeling most at home behind a lens within the crowd that is where you’ll find him at any of Seattle’s ​venues.

                                  Sunita “Sunny” Martini

                                  Sunita “Sunny” Martini wants to make you look like a rock star. Making her way to the Pacific Northwest just a few short years ago, Sunny dove head first into Seattle’s legendary music scene and decided put her photog skills to use, capturing incredible live moments forever on film, or at least on a digital memory card. Armed with a degree in graphic design from Florida State University and plenty of experiments with a camera, she marched straight into the pit, snapped her first pictures, and hasn’t looked back (except to pull up her pants).

                                  Sunny has quickly made a name for herself and you might have seen her work on NadaMucho, Seattle Music News, KEXP, and various radio stations. While you’ll probably find her at shows clad in one of her favorite black hoodies – no matter the weather – she can also be found hunting local restaurants for her next @baconmartini fix or home editing with her cat #EppleyJas on her lap.

                                  Christina Leiva
                                  PHOTOGRAPHER / WRITER
                                  Christina’s passion for travel and multi-cultural experiences have taken her all over. Her taste in music mirrors her passions. Christina takes SMI readers “Around The World” with her beautiful photography and eloquently written words, as she covers some of the best world music in and around the Puget Sound.

                                  Email Christina

                                    Matthew Lamb
                                    PHOTOGRAPHER & WRITER

                                    Matthew Lamb is a Music and Sports Photographer from Seattle, WA. He enjoys the fast and changing pace of my subjects while creating a lasting image. He has the pleasure of shooting for the KeyArena, LiveNation, and as the festival photographer for Sasquatch! Music Festival and Watershed Music Festival held at The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, WA. When not shooting music, he can be found on the field capturing the action at NFL games or on the boards shooting college Basketball.

                                    Matt is also a freelance photographer and is the author of SMI’s The Hot Seat column. You can view his portfolio at Matthew Lamb Photography. His work for SMI can be found here.


                                    Matthew Lamb capturing the crowd at Watershed Festival at The Gorge Ampitheatre.

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                                      Mat Hayward

                                      Mat Hayward is an accomplished music photographer. His work is featured on Seattle radio’s 107.7 The End. Anyone that is attending a major festival or concert in the Puget Sound area can be sure to see Mat right up front shooting away. Mat’s great eye, professional approach and friendly demeanor has earned him a great reputation within the music community.

                                      Mat has the ability to capture amazing musical moments and put his own unique stamp on every photo that he publishes.

                                      Check out some of Mat’s work here.

                                      Email Mat

                                        Dan Rogers

                                        Dan Rogers is an up-and-comer in Seattle concert photography. In the mid 90’s Dan was a Light and Video Technician for local artists; however, his passion for music and capturing the moment was put on hold to raise his son.

                                        In 2010 Dan reignited his passion by plunging into concert photography. He has since had great opportunities photographing shows on behalf of KNDD 107.7 TheEnd and Back Beat Seattle. Social Distortion, Anthrax, and Garbage are just a few of the bands Dan has been able to cross off his photo bucket list.

                                        Dan views being behind the lens as an honor; taking a memory, freezing it in time and capturing the essence of the experience. These are once in a lifetime experiences we live for, memory alone will not suffice.

                                        Dan is thrilled to join the team at Seattle Music Insider as a contributing photographer.

                                        You can see some of Dan’s photo work here.

                                        Email Dan

                                          Bill Bungard

                                          Bill Bungard is a free lance photographer who is moved to capture the essence of beauty of the moment. His love for photography helps him convey his visual art by constructing a bridge so that others can see through his eye. Bills affection for the outdoors and live music reflects in his work and is considered and up and coming artist in the local community.

                                          Bill is the official photographer for Maurice The Fish Records, SweatBox Entertainment, Kim Archer and Russ Parish’s Tin Man. Bill has also captured Van Halen, Robert Cray, The B-52’s, Styx, Steve Lynch, and hundreds of other local artists and touring bands.

                                          His images have been published in the Tacoma Weekly and nationally in SHURE Mic Newsletters, musician websites and several promotional posters.

                                          Bill will help cover the many great live events around the Northwest for SMI.

                                          You can check out more of his work at:

                                          Email Bill

                                            Alex Crick

                                            Alex Crick is a Seattle based freelance photographer specializing in music photography.  His interest in photography began as a school project in the early-90â€Čs, when he also attended many live music shows.  Eventually, he combined these two interests by conveying the power and excitement of live music through the eye of the camera.  Over the years, he’s traveled all over the country  photographing live musical acts.  You can find samples of his work in SPIN, Billboard, Esquire.

                                            View his work here

                                            Email Alex

                                              Michael Profitt

                                              Michael Profitt is one of the premier Concert Photographers in Seattle. Michael first appeared on the scene in 2005. He quickly became the photographer of choice for many of the top local musicians. In 2006 he became Editor of Photography for Disheveled Magazine. During this time he was shooting 6 nights a week and developed a style that allowed others to see music without hearing it.

                                              His photography can be seen on the side of WAMU Theater, print advertisements for TAMA, featured on “LA Ink”, in the pages of “US Weekly” and countless web pages including 99.9 KISW, 100.7 The Wolf, 103.7 The Mountain and 107.7 The End. Currently Michael is the Director of Photography at Jet City” It is my belief that everyone is a photographer!! That’s just reality.

                                              Some of the best photographs have been taken accidentally with a point/click camera. It’s when your able to intentionally and consistently capture images true to the moment that you become a Visual Historian.”

                                              Victoria Holt
                                              PHOTOGRAPHER & WRITER
                                              Originally from San Francisco, CA, Victoria completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Seattle University. Her passion is making live music look as great as it sounds. Her work has been featured in The Stranger, The Seattle Weekly, The Capitol Hill Times, and online with KEXP, Live Music Blog, and Back Beat Seattle. Her 2012 BFA thesis, “Seattle DIY: Live Music,” has exhibited at various venues in the Seattle area, and offers an in-depth exploration of six “Do-It-Yourself” underground spaces. For a behind the scenes look at music, she shoots in-studio performances at local radio station KEXP.
                                              Victoria’s work for SMI can be found here.

                                              Email Victoria

                                                Arlene Brown

                                                Arlene Brown is our Social Media Manager for SMI.  She has an understanding of both the musician’s side of the business as well as that of the press.

                                                Arlene is also one of our contributing photographers.  She has innate talent and technical skills, which result in a refreshing and unique balance that is clearly reflected in her work. While attending many local shows, you will see her own touch to what she captures.

                                                Covering and reviewing shows from Soundgarden, Lorde, The Head & The Heart, Hank3, Toadies, New Politics, Black Joe Lewis, to Sasquatch! Music Festival, Timbrrr (winter) Fest,  including local and national rising bands and more, she truly loves to try to get that perfect shot. Looking for that raw emotion, energy, power that only live music can deliver, she captures the essence of a show in her own unique style.

                                                When not covering the music scene, she can be found flying planes, listening to her records, and hanging with her family.

                                                Check out some more of her work here. 

                                                Email Arlene