Ian Cunningham – Writer

1186762_159691070897839_1696315063_n_edited-1Ian Cunningham is often described as either an old-soul or the most crotchety twenty-something you’ll ever meet (depending on the source), Ian holds a critical eye for modern music. Idolizing Keith Richards, Warren Zevon, and Lester Bangs, his musical preferences thrive decades prior to those of his peers.

Raised in Portland, OR, he moved to Seattle in 2012 to continue drumming for the indie surf bandĀ Faire du SurfĀ as well as to pursue an English degree from the University of Washington. Though the band has since dissolved, he is the current drummerĀ andĀ managerĀ forĀ The Mama Rags.

In what little free time he has, IanĀ is a die-hard Seahawks fan and an avidĀ recordĀ collector; his favorite album beingĀ Those Shocking Shaking Days.Ā This October, he will be the proud father of a baby boy.

You can contact Ian at:Ā ian.cunningham1964@gmail.com