Brent Stavig – Writer

Brent Stavig was a born and raised in Washington State. When he wasn’t busy tying up his neighbor’s Barbie dolls and placing them on the railroad tracks he was subversely being drawn into the world of rock and roll by his hippie parents. From the time his mother gave him a copy of “Cosmo’s Factory” for his eighth birthday he was enamored with rock magazines, electric guitars, and bell-bottoms.

He formed his first band when he was fourteen and spent the summer of ’76 trying to figure out how to play “Year of the Cat” on his twenty-five-dollar Kingston electric guitar. More bands followed, and soon after discovering the joy of punk rock Brent packed up his meager belongings and hailed a Greyhound bus to New York City to see what the fuss was all about.

After spending seventeen years playing in bands in NYC during the great 80’s and 90’s Brent decided to move back to Seattle to see why everyone was complaining about everyone else. Now he’s an edgy corporate guy who still wears his love for rock and roll on his Brooks Brothers sleeve, and who enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in music and angst.

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